11street Now Offers 24-Hour Delivery Service For Fresh Produce To Klang Valley Shoppers

11street Now Offers 24-Hour Delivery Service For Fresh Produce To Klang Valley Shoppers

Malaysians can now shop for fresh goods and other grocery items online in 11street (www.11street.my) thanks to their partnership with Just Order Conveniently On Mobile (JOCOM), consumers can get fresh goods such as vegetables, fish, halal-certified organic farm chicken, eggs and white bread from 11street. Talk about shopping convenience since we don’t have to navigate to a separate website to do grocery shopping!

The initiative will be rolled out gradually, with Klang Valley shoppers being the first to receive their fresh foodstuff within 24 hours. Consumers in Penang and Johor Bahru will enjoy next-day delivery by the end of the year, while those in other Peninsular Malaysia states, within next year.

Agnes Chua, Managing Director of JOCOM with Hoseok Kim, CEO of 11street
Agnes Chua, Managing Director of JOCOM with Hoseok Kim, CEO of 11street commemorate their continued partnership with the introduction of a new product category – Fresh, Chilled and Frozen Food on 11street.

“We are delighted to have JOCOM supporting our vision in bringing fresh produce to our shoppers, working towards establishing 11street as a one-stop e-mall that offers everything our shoppers need under one roof. This is in line with the growing interest among Malaysians to turn to the digital sphere to shop for fresh food and other household grocery items. We see this increase especially during festive periods, such as Hari Raya and Chinese New Year,” says Hoseok Kim, Chief Executive Officer of 11street.

Kim adds: “Partnering JOCOM, an established enabler of online groceries and shopping, we aim to revolutionalise the online shopping sphere for groceries and fresh foods, and as such JOCOM is the most ideal partner to work together.”

Agnes Chua, Managing Director of JOCOM elaborates: “Since our establishment, our vision to provide an integrated solution to connect rural farmers, traders and vendors with affluent consumers via e-commerce remains. We are excited to extend this outreach through 11street, as we believe shopping for groceries online is the way forward. Together with 11street, we enable Malaysian consumers to enjoy the convenience of having fresh goods and other household groceries delivered to their homes within few simply clicks on the PCs or smartphones.”

Everything you need under one roof with RM1 deals

To kick start 11street’s foray into offering fresh produce, shoppers can now purchase the two items – 10 pieces of the Grade C eggs and Gardenia Classic White Bread – each for RM1 with limited units.

11street Fresh Produce Category-kyelinspot.com

The newly-minted collaboration will see the addition of 1,000 fresh produce from JOCOM into 11street’s inventory by end of this year. On top of the fresh harvest of vegetables and farm chicken, as well as eggs and nutritious bread, shoppers can also shop for frozen food items such as fish and other seafood, thus elevating one’s shopping experience on 11street.

Other grocery items available through 11street’s existing partnership with JOCOM include household items such as laundry detergent, toilet rolls, and air freshener; furniture such as recliner chairs, cushions, and bean bags; as well as condiments for cooking such as sesame oil, sauce marinades and canned foods.

11street assures its shoppers that they’ll be receiving freshest and highest quality food items. In the event that shoppers find these items unacceptable, 11street will redeliver products within the next 24 hours, or provide a full refund.

As it is a phased roll-out, 11street and JOCOM will extend the 24-hour delivery option for fresh foodstuff to shoppers in Penang and Johor Bahru by the end of this year and the rest of Peninsular Malaysia by early 2017. In the near future, 11street and JOCOM aim to achieve at least 15,000 fresh goods orders on the former’s platform.

Kim elaborates: “We hope that through this collaboration with JOCOM, we help to make our shoppers’ lives more convenient by enabling them to shop for essential food products and household items on 11street. Our aim has always been to enrich and expand our offerings so that our shoppers continue to find everything they love on 11street.

“With our vision in mind, we are also excited to let our consumers know that we will offer one of Malaysia’s most highly valued and rare freshwater fish – the empurau – caught fresh and flown in specially from Sarawak, and sold frozen,” he concludes.

The empurau fish sells from RM700 per kilogramme onwards, and is available exclusively on 11street starting today. Maybe you can surprise your family with this bounty tomorrow, if you’re feeling like a baller?

Now we can worry less about parking spots and shop for groceries in the comfort of our home!

For more information, please visit www.11street.my.

First Althea Korea loot + Review

First Althea Korea loot + Review

Many beauty bloggers and Butterfly Malaysia have been raving about Althea Korea. This cool new site sells Korean skincare and makeup at the GUARANTEED best price in the market and it ships directly from South Korea if you order more than RM150 worth of products, how awesome is that?! I had to be on the same bandwagon with them so my sister and I shared and ordered a few products to test out.

Our order arrived in less than 2 weeks as stated on the website so YAY for fast shipping! Also if you are unsatisfied with your products, you can return the products unconditionally (cue Katy Perry’s hit) in 30 days.

Althea First Haul

First haul from Althea

First haul from Althea
Wrapped in pink packaging and bubble wrapped so it’s not damaged during its travel! This is the kind of little things that most online stores should practice because it shows how much you care about your products and it makes us feel at ease too. It opens to a pink lover’s paradise with the pink interior and pink tissue papers! All of your items are individually wrapped with bubble wrap for extra ammo too.

IT'S SKIN POWER 10 Formula PO Effector

I got myself one of the It’s Skin serum Power 10 Formula in PO Effector (RM28 ONLY! PEOPLE, TELL ME WHERE CAN YOU FIND A SERUM THIS CHEAP? AT Althea Korea of course, DUH!)and it’s my first serum too! Here’s what it does for your skin according to Althea’s website:
Shrinks Enlarged Pores
Targets and shrinks enlarged pores to restore a silky smooth complexion.
Refines Skin Texture
Normalizes sebum production and balances skin’s oil and water content.
Quickly Penetrating Formula
Highly concentrated Houttuynia cordata extracts gets deep within skin’s layers.

IT'S SKIN POWER 10 Formula PO Effector

It has a dropper to help you get the serum out so it’s more hygienic and it has a very light scent to it.
IT'S SKIN POWER 10 Formula PO Effector
Just put 2-3 drops on your fingers and pat it in an upward motion on your face until it’s absorbed.
IT'S SKIN POWER 10 Formula PO Effector review
My Naked face with no filters, just some lighting adjustments and toner and eye cream. I have a lot of blackheads and whiteheads on my nose area so my T-zone gets oily really fast. So I was hoping this could help to control the oil and shrink them pores.
Just drop 2-3 drops and apply it on your skin. It absorbs really fast and it doesn’t leave any greasy feeling at all. Then you can go to your next skincare step.

IT'S SKIN POWER 10 Formula PO Effector review

After application, my pores doesn’t look that obvious anymore! I topped it up with my day moisturizer, Simple Regeneration Age Resisting Day Cream SPF 15 then end it with some spritz of Hydrating Water Mist Rose from RAW FOODS by Wedding Bash. After a long day, my face didn’t turn oily super fast like the usual which is a plus and it sort of acted as a primer to make my pores less obvious too!
Holika Holika Gel Eyeliner Review
The second item I got is the Holika Holika Jewel Light Waterproof Eyeliner in Black Gem (RM16). I love the holographic printing on the packaging!

Holika Holika Gel Eyeliner Review

It’s a gel pencil and I think I’m supposed to sharpen it once it get’s blunt cause I couldn’t twist the bottom end.

Holika Holika Gel Eyeliner Review

Swatch on my hand to test it out since my eyes needs some TLC. It’s really soft so you don’t have to press hard to get the colour out.
Holika Holika Gel Eyeliner Review
The top swatch is when I left it to dry and the bottom swatch I blend it out. This is after washing with water. Looks like it’s not waterproof after all and I was hoping I can use this in my waterline to tight line my eyes. I think it will work nice for a smokey eye but will have to top it off with some eyeshadow powder to set it.


So I got a hit & miss for this round. But at least now I know where I can get Korean skincare and makeup at the best price and without the need to leave my home too! 🙂

Birthday and Christmas presents from 2014 with some reviews and swatches

Who doesn’t love getting presents? I love it more when my presents come from my favourite people! Thank you very much to everyone that wished me and the ones who gave me these awesome gifts! You know who you are. 🙂 Take a look at what I got last year!

My birthday presents! 🙂


These nail polishes are apparently scented once dry, can’t wait to try these beauties out!



I love the pastel pink colour of the card! Also, I haven’t used it yet. 😛


One of the best gift ever! I love Marc Jacobs and I wanted to try his line too so thank you for reading my mind! Swatches will be up soon in an oncoming post!


These are the contents of the Clinique box and I can’t wait to start using the cleansing balm! I have never used one so reviews and swatches will be up soon too!


This is going to be part of my traveling kit! Who doesn’t want to smell like an angel on a vacation? This scent is one of the popular scents and if you’re into sweet with a touch of muskiness then you’ll love this! To make the scent last longer, apply the lotion after bathing with the shower gel and then spritz on the body mist!
Now onto the Christmas presents! 🙂
I gave a wishlist to my Secret Santa so she granted one of my wishes! Thank you my dear! 🙂


I love the colour! I can see why it was all the rage in South Korea at one point. It’s a very flattering coral colour which looks great on the lips and the cheeks as well! It has a great staying power too since it’s a stain and it’s thicker than the Benetint so application is easier.


Bangles are a necessity for your outfits especially the bohemian style!


Thank you to a dear friend for these souvenirs from USA! You know that I love my bling and I am curious about the foundation too!


Another big thank you to the person who knows how much I love traveling! I’m going to use this to record down the trips that I’m going to!


Also thank you for this cute canvas! It’s now part of my room interior!

Also, did you all visit the 1600 pandas exhibition in Publika last month? I looked from the outside and I thought I showed my support by getting this adorable towel! PANDAS UNITE!

I thought maybe we could start this what I got for my birthday and Christmas kind of post as a trend! It’ll be fun to see what you guys got as gifts! Also, whoever’s birthday that lands around this month is very lucky because you get double angpau! I hope you guys are having an awesome Chinese New Year and fellow Goats, let’s be strong to get past this year smoothly! 😀

First Bag of Love!

Got time to squeeze in a blogpost before I start on work! I was assigned to write a 2-page advertorial on one of Origins new product! If only I was given the product to test it out. 🙁

Last month, I wanted to get a new make-up bag and I heard from Samantha that there’s Bag of Love, where every month they give you a make-up bag with some products inside for you to try out! I checked the reviews for the previous bags online and I was curious so I ordered my first bag and it turned to be the June bag!

So cute! Love the colour because it’s bright blue so it fits the summer theme perfectly and the size is decent as well! I can definitely fit a lot of my make-up products inside!


Another prove that it can fits loads of stuff is because the full-size bottle of the Vaseline Healthy White SPF 24 Triple Lightening Lotion (Long name!) can fit inside nicely! It also came with Clairol Professional Color Radiance Shampoo and Color Radiance Intensive Mask. I have never heard of Clairol before but after trying out the products, I think it’s pretty good! 😀
– Vaseline Healthy White SPF 24 Triple Lightening Lotion= I like it that it drys quickly and it has SPF so I put it on before going out under the Sun. It has a subtle floral smell too. Whether I got fairer or not, that’s not sure yet.
– Clairol Professional Color Radiance Shampoo and Color Radiance Intensive Mask= Both of it smells good and using both together made my hair softer and more moisturized! This bag came just in time too because I got my hair coloured not long ago so it needs the moisture.


There was a sample of Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea Honeysuckle EDT, samples of Cremorlab skincare and a Definite Foundation Brush! I haven’t tried out the Cremorlab skincare and the foundation brush yet. A bit scared to try out the skincare because of my sensitive skin.
Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea Honeysuckle EDT= I LOVE THIS! It smelled refreshing and sweet! I let my friend tried it out and she bought the full-size bottle immediately! The only downside is that it doesn’t last the whole day cause the scent is light.


Some vouchers and pamphlets that came with the bag. I think I’ll pass them to my friends. 🙂

Will I be subscribing again? YES! Because they give cute make-up bags every month that contains make-up brushes, sample perfumes and other beauty products! 🙂

Check out their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!