Game Day Look (for the future)

The only way we can catch the NFL games over here is through TV. Which is sad because we can’t really feel the real vibes. But, I wish that one day I can actually catch one of the games live in action! For now, I have already envisioned what would I wear to watch my first football game!

The most important accessory to show support to your favourite teams is a cap! So I found this pretty cool company, Fanatics which has a huge variety of hats, beanies and caps from all of your favourite NFL, Nascar, and NBA teams! I picked this cap because I got a feeling that the L.A. Dodgers will be killing it this year!

mlb cap l.a. dodgers
Another reason I would wear this cap is because I think you can never go wrong with black! Plus, it has the Dri-FIT tech which is really important so that our heads won’t be dripping with sweat during the games. So our make-up will still be intact! 😉

I went for the full on Athleisure trend with this cap! I am all about the comfort when it comes to fashion and for these kind of events. Also, the pink sleek sling bag would give a nice pop to an all black outfit!


We should try matching our outfits according to our favourite team cap colours! It will be different than the usual match your accessories to your clothes approach. A great idea if you are starting to get bored of your style.

You can find a few caps in different colours from Fanatics. That way you can change the cap according to your mood! So what would you wear to a football game? Share your outfit ideas here or on my Facebook page! 🙂

Beachin in my dreams

I love Polyvore! Or you can say my love for Polyvore is back! Recently, I stumbled upon a pretty cool website called Glasses Online selling designer glasses and sunglasses plus contact lenses as well. Then, that Derek Lam, Sammy sunglasses caught my eye and my imagination went wild! I always have a thing for leopard-esque brown shades like these. Even when I’m playing Sims 3, I always make my character wear sunglasses like these with her swimwear.

I imagined that with that sunglasses, I would be lounging on the beach with a good book. Clad in a white one-piece swimsuit with gold flip-flops and a woven bag. Very Hollywood-esque. Well, only in my dreams I am living that glamorous vacation. But if I win those sunglasses then I am one step closer to my dream vacation! Help me get a step closer by liking my post on Glasses Online’s Facebook Page!
Life's a Beach!


Life’s a Beach! by kyelin13 featuring metallic handbags

So what kind of sunglasses will you bring to your dream vacation?