Get Wunderful lips and some ‘fried chicken’ from Wunderbath

I’m game for anything that is handmade with natural ingredients so when I stumbled onto Wunderbath‘s booth during the Popmarket Rainbowland by Pop Culture Live, it got me curious. Also because I am a sucker for stuff like this! The founder of Wunderbath, Evelyn was really nice as she shared about her whimsically realistic soaps, lip balms and body souffles. Plus her products are really cute and smelled really good! If I didn’t control myself, I would have bought more than the 2 products that I got for myself.wunderbath wunderlippie

This Wunderlippie is only RM18.90 and it comes with and eco-pouch and a product description card inside so you know what ingredients is used to create the lip balm.wunderbath review
My naked lips that’s a little chapped.
wunderbath review
So I need a little help from the Wunderlippie in Rogue which is a burgundy red stained lip balm. Which I can wear on its own or under any lipstick or lip gloss.
wunderbath review
I love how it has a good colour payoff and you can even see the colour as you swatch it on your hands. There’s a slight cooling sensation also since it is mint flavoured. Don’t know it looks more pink in the picture but I guess it differs with each person since all of us have different natural lip colour.
wunderbath review
All in all, I love this lip balm! I used it throughout pageant week to test it out and it really made my lips more moisturized so it made lipstick application a breeze. Now I regret that I didn’t get it in all the colours when they had a promo.
wunderbath review
It’s totally normal to wash your hands with a drumstick. Totally! Ok I kid, it’s a lovely soap that thankfully doesn’t smell like fried chicken. Said to be scented with Citrus Splash but somehow it reminds me of a scent from The Body Shop, really smells like the store. After showering with it, I like that it lathers well, it doesn’t leave a super squeaky clean feeling and my skin feels soft after. It was a little difficult to hold it so maybe I have to get a soap pouch from Daiso or something.
wunderbath review
Due to it’s realistic aesthetic, I managed to prank my dad where he nearly ate one. Luckily I stopped him on time. I think it’s a good bargain because you get 1 pair of wings and 1 pair of drumsticks for only RM16.90 and 1 of it could last you for more than 2 weeks.

Now I can’t wait to finish my soaps so that I can try out other cute ones like this Egg and Toast soap!

wunderbath soap

First Althea Korea loot + Review

First Althea Korea loot + Review

Many beauty bloggers and Butterfly Malaysia have been raving about Althea Korea. This cool new site sells Korean skincare and makeup at the GUARANTEED best price in the market and it ships directly from South Korea if you order more than RM150 worth of products, how awesome is that?! I had to be on the same bandwagon with them so my sister and I shared and ordered a few products to test out.

Our order arrived in less than 2 weeks as stated on the website so YAY for fast shipping! Also if you are unsatisfied with your products, you can return the products unconditionally (cue Katy Perry’s hit) in 30 days.

Althea First Haul

First haul from Althea

First haul from Althea
Wrapped in pink packaging and bubble wrapped so it’s not damaged during its travel! This is the kind of little things that most online stores should practice because it shows how much you care about your products and it makes us feel at ease too. It opens to a pink lover’s paradise with the pink interior and pink tissue papers! All of your items are individually wrapped with bubble wrap for extra ammo too.

IT'S SKIN POWER 10 Formula PO Effector

I got myself one of the It’s Skin serum Power 10 Formula in PO Effector (RM28 ONLY! PEOPLE, TELL ME WHERE CAN YOU FIND A SERUM THIS CHEAP? AT Althea Korea of course, DUH!)and it’s my first serum too! Here’s what it does for your skin according to Althea’s website:
Shrinks Enlarged Pores
Targets and shrinks enlarged pores to restore a silky smooth complexion.
Refines Skin Texture
Normalizes sebum production and balances skin’s oil and water content.
Quickly Penetrating Formula
Highly concentrated Houttuynia cordata extracts gets deep within skin’s layers.

IT'S SKIN POWER 10 Formula PO Effector

It has a dropper to help you get the serum out so it’s more hygienic and it has a very light scent to it.
IT'S SKIN POWER 10 Formula PO Effector
Just put 2-3 drops on your fingers and pat it in an upward motion on your face until it’s absorbed.
IT'S SKIN POWER 10 Formula PO Effector review
My Naked face with no filters, just some lighting adjustments and toner and eye cream. I have a lot of blackheads and whiteheads on my nose area so my T-zone gets oily really fast. So I was hoping this could help to control the oil and shrink them pores.
Just drop 2-3 drops and apply it on your skin. It absorbs really fast and it doesn’t leave any greasy feeling at all. Then you can go to your next skincare step.

IT'S SKIN POWER 10 Formula PO Effector review

After application, my pores doesn’t look that obvious anymore! I topped it up with my day moisturizer, Simple Regeneration Age Resisting Day Cream SPF 15 then end it with some spritz of Hydrating Water Mist Rose from RAW FOODS by Wedding Bash. After a long day, my face didn’t turn oily super fast like the usual which is a plus and it sort of acted as a primer to make my pores less obvious too!
Holika Holika Gel Eyeliner Review
The second item I got is the Holika Holika Jewel Light Waterproof Eyeliner in Black Gem (RM16). I love the holographic printing on the packaging!

Holika Holika Gel Eyeliner Review

It’s a gel pencil and I think I’m supposed to sharpen it once it get’s blunt cause I couldn’t twist the bottom end.

Holika Holika Gel Eyeliner Review

Swatch on my hand to test it out since my eyes needs some TLC. It’s really soft so you don’t have to press hard to get the colour out.
Holika Holika Gel Eyeliner Review
The top swatch is when I left it to dry and the bottom swatch I blend it out. This is after washing with water. Looks like it’s not waterproof after all and I was hoping I can use this in my waterline to tight line my eyes. I think it will work nice for a smokey eye but will have to top it off with some eyeshadow powder to set it.


So I got a hit & miss for this round. But at least now I know where I can get Korean skincare and makeup at the best price and without the need to leave my home too! 🙂

Delayed Makeup Haul + Swatches

It was my first time attending the Estee Lauder warehouse sale and that sale was pure evil! To my purse and my bank account. So dangerous for us beauty product fans but you know how much we love the danger when it comes to beauty products!

makeup haul
My loot! A good mix of Bobbi Brown, MAC and Clinique items with a DKNY deodorant because everybody needs deodorant. Would you believe that I don’t own any makeup items from these brands until this warehouse sale? The inner budget beauty in me is strong until that day. Let’s start with the Bobbi Brown products…


bobbi brown translucent powder
This Bobbi Brown Translucent Powder is the travel size version and it was the last one there so a pat on my back for my sharp eye. Getting the smaller or travel size version of a product is a great way to test out the product before you go for the full-size version. So far after testing this out for a few times, I feel that my T-zone does stay matte but it didn’t stay that way after 4 hours so maybe it’s cause I didn’t use a primer before my BB cream. But will be testing it more to really determine my feeling about it.


bobbi brown corrector
These Colour Correctors in Light Peach and Light Bisque are also travel sized. Bought these for my little sister since she wanted to try the concealers and she felt that it doesn’t cover pimples well but I think these are more for dark circles concealing.


bobbi brown


bobbi brown pot rouge hibiscus
The Pot Rouge for Lips And Cheek in Hibiscus is one pretty reddish pink shade that I’m glad I took a gamble with!


bobbi brown hibiscus swatch
So pretty when you want natural flushed cheeks look!


bobbi brown cream eyeshadow sticks
Snagged the Mini Long-Wear Cream Shadow Trio too since I was on a cream shadow craze. Mini versions are so easy to fit into into my makeup bag without taking up too much space.


bobbi brown cream eyeshadow sticks swatches
From the top, Smoky Topaz is a lovely goldish taupe which will look awesome just on its own, Pink Sparkle is a light pink with slight gold shimmer and it will make a nice addition to your Korean eye makeup and Espresso Bean is a dark brown with micro glitters in it that will look awesome for a smokey eye. All colours are pigmented, waterproof and long-wearing! But the most long-lasting is the Espresso Bean. Let’s head to my MAC loot…


mac lip gloss
These caught my eye immediately so I grabbed it before anyone can take it like a kiasu person. The green lipgloss is so pretty that I had to have it!


mac lip gloss swatches
Looks scary in the tube but it actually comes out super sheer with different coloured micro glitters on them. The Cremesheen Glass has a better pigmentation than the rest and is not so sticky too.


mac prabal gurung eyeshadow
OKAY I have a thing for gold, sparkly things and when I saw that they were selling the Prabal Gurung collection at a cheaper price, I had to have it. Look at the beautiful packaging and it has a slight weight to it too so you know it’s not those cheap plastic packaging.


mac prabal gurung eyeshadow
Open up to 2 of these pretty neutral shades that you can wear on its own or together. There was even a demo happening on how to use this palette amidst the chaos.


mac prabal gurung eyeshadow swatch
So happy to finally own a MAC eyeshadow palette and coming from the Prabal Gurung collab makes it even sweeter!


mac cinderella collection
Another OMG I MUST HAVE IT moment was these travel sized eye products from the Cinderella collection! All limited edition collections always get sold out like in a day of its launch which is why I give up on trying to invest in any of it. But this was like a sign that I can actually own a limited edition collection that is Disney related so I AM VERY HAPPY! Also, I just watch Cinderella today and I can’t help relating Game of Thrones to it because of the Prince and his right-hand man.


mac cinderella eye gloss
This is the MAC Studio Eye Gloss in Pearl Varnish which is a white gloss with pearl finish. It is one unique product which I have never heard of until then.


mac cinderella eye gloss swatch
It’s sticky and very sparkly that’s for sure! I think I would use this on top of my eyeshadows to add some glitter.


mac cinderella fluidline
This is the Fluidline in Macroviolet, a deep smoked violet with red pearl. It looks gorgeous and I can’t wait to use it one day!


mac cinderella fluidline
Another Fluidline called Little Black Bow, a grey with white pearl. Another pretty colour that I don’t have in my collection and one that I can’t wait to wear. Now onto the Clinique products…


clinique mascara
Grab 2 different mascaras to test out and will post the swatches soon! It’s not waterproof though so that’s a downer.


clinique eyeshadow french vanilla
I got the All About Shadow Single in French Vanilla to try out since I have never tried their eyeshadows before.


clinique eyeshadow french vanilla swatch
It’s said to have a Soft Matte finish but I had trouble getting some colour out to swatch and there was some fallout and a bit of glitter too. But maybe it will do better on top of an eye primer. Shall try that next time.


clinique chubby stick shadow tint for eyes
Grabbed a pack of the Chubby Stick™ Shadow Tint For Eyes too and in the shade 15-Biggest Blossom and 06-Mighty Moss.


clinique chubby stick shadow tint for eyes swatch
I love these two colours! The pink seems to have a slight gold shimmer to it and so does the green.


ermenegildo zegna travel bag
There was so many of these Ermenegildo Zegna travel bags on sale so I grabbed one too because it’s cheap, the size is just right for those short travels and the material is pretty good too!
dkny deodorant
This was a random purchase but hey, a girl needs her deodorant!

I was really bummed out that all the MAC lipsticks were sold out by the time I arrived which was at about 11am. Madness right? My total damage was RM800 after filtering the amount of items that I wanted to get which was really difficult! So painful for my bank account but it’s worth it because these are my first makeup purchases from those brands! But I can’t say I am excited for the next sale because it was really packed to the brim and the ladies were just fighting and pushing like cray and most of the good stuff were sold out really fast like the Origins masks, MAC lipsticks and Estee Lauder makeup. So I guess I have to be extra kiasu and wake up early to wait for the sale to open in order to get the good stuff in the future. Which I don’t think I will be keen to do.

Marc Jacobs Style Eye-Con No.3 swatches and review

I am still gushing over my first Marc Jacobs Style Eye-Con No.3 eyeshadow palette and I can’t bear to use it yet! So this is the first time I’m using it, to swatch it on my arm. My eyelids shall wait until I feel like it!

Marc Jacobs eyeshadow
It comes with a pouch to protect it, if that doesn’t say Luxe then I don’t know what is. Also, it comes with an eyeshadow puff too!


Marc Jacobs eyeshadow palette
Yup, has a thin plastic to protect the shadows inside.


Marc Jacobs eyeshadows
Now this is a great palette for those who love their neutral and brown shadows!


Marc Jacobs Eyeshadow swatches
These shadows were so smooth and pigmented!!! It glides on so easily and you have one matte shadow (On the left) which you can use as a base shadow, while the brown would be great for the outer crease and the coppery shade will amp up the look even further! Adding the coppery shade in the middle of your lid will make your eyes brighter and stand out more.
In other words, I ♥♥♥ palette and I can’t wait to check out more of Marc Jacobs makeup line! If you have any recommendations on what I should try out next, do let me know in the comments or leave a message on my Facebook page! 🙂