Dream Trip to Macau

I have been to Macau for the first time this year but I need to go back again! I love how Macau has a mix of so many different cultures and with that, gave Macau it’s own charm. Here are three reasons why I have to go back:

1. To Bungy jump from Macau Tower

Now this is the main and tres important reason why I need to go back! I want to take a giant leap of faith, literally and get a bird’s eye view from top to bottom! Besides that, it has the Guinness World Record for the Highest Commercial Bungy Jump in the world! I want to be the first among my family and friends to jump off buildings! 😛

2. To chomp on the super duper delicious Portuguese egg tarts and Macanese cuisines

This beauty needs to be in my stomach again. I wish Lord Stow’s available in Malaysia so that I can eat it whenever I want! The crispy crust and, sweet and smooth custard in the middle is just breathtaking! Best when it’s warm but when you have it cold, it’s just like pudding!
I haven’t got a chance to try Macanese cuisines so given a chance to go back, I would love to chomp on Minchi, a savoury dish with pork and potatoes and…
Galinha à Africana aka African Chicken. It looks so good, I have to try it for myself! To me, eating dishes that locals have for dinner at home, helps me learn more about their culture. Like food for the soul.

3. To visit the A-Ma Temple, Guia Fortress and PANDAS!!!

What’s really special about A-Ma Temple is that it has different halls dedicated to different deities so people from Buddhism, Taoism and many more beliefs can come here to pray and offer offerings. It has also existed before Macau was even formed! I would love to visit this temple to admire it’s long history and culture!
It’s amazing how people are able to build fortresses such as the Guia Fortress eons ago and the buildings are still standing today! I would love to visit the chapel and lighthouse and witness the influences from Chinese and Western cultures that took place in the construction of the buildings.
I was aware about the Macau Giant Panda Pavilion when I went to Macau last January but I never got the chance to visit it. Also, I have missed my chance to visit the pandas in our National Zoo. So I really really really want to see the adorable pandas! 🙂

All in all, Macau Government Tourist Office and Nuffnang Malaysia should send me to the 3 days, 2 nights all-expense paid holiday to Macau because I would love to share my Macau adventures to the world and from there, everyone will put Macau as one or better, the top of their Must-Visit places list! Also, I really miss the Portuguese egg tarts!

If I was chosen as one of the winners, I will scream, ‘I LOVE MACAU!’ and ‘I LOVE NUFFNANG!’ as I am bungy jumping from Macau Tower! So thank you to Macau Government Tourist Office and Nuffnang Malaysia for organizing this exciting competition! 🙂

P.S: You can check out my previous posts about my first trip to Macau below! 😀

Of Portuguese egg tarts and casinos- Part 1

Of Portuguese egg tarts and casinos- Part 2

Of Portuguese egg tarts and casinos- Part 2

The next day, I have succumbed to the temptations of MGM’s casino. After lunch, I headed to the casino all by myself and tried my luck at the slot machines. I think I had beginner’s luck for a moment.

The bonus rounds were my favourite.


Seriously, I was shocked myself. Also I sent this picture to my dad so that he could buy lottery with whatever numbers from the ticket. And what do ya know? He managed to win a bit from it too. 🙂


We headed to the art exhibition after my lucky moments in the casino,







The real deal. I felt quite honored to be able to witness this famous painting in person.


After the exhibition, I went out exploring on my own. There’s a lot of hotels with casinos in the vicinity so I guess if you’re not lucky in one casino, you could always walk to the next one in another hotel. The casino guards were curious about my passport because they never seen a Malaysian passport before. Some even had to do a double take, I’m sorry if my passport picture looks completely different. 😛

Went back to the room to get ready for dinner which was at MGM’s Imperial Court for some Cantonese dishes to end our last night in Macau.

Fine dining Chinese cuisine is a first for me too!


Appetizer Combination
Yumz in the tumz.


Double-boiled whole South African Abalone with Matsutake mushroom
Would ya look at the size of that?! It was tender and juicy, while the soup was refreshing with hints of the mushroom flavour.


Live Green Crab Claw steamed with Winter melon, topped with rusalka hybrid caviar
Melt in your mouth awesomeness!


Simmered Baby Cabbage with Bamboo Piths and Conpoy
A simple dish that’s good to get your daily greens!


Poached chicken layered with Yunnan ham and vegetables in Abalone sauce
Smoothest chicken ever!


Braised Australian Spinach Egg Noodles with Shredded Roast Goose, Ginger and Spring Onion
Upgraded wantan mee with tender pieces of roast goose. Yums!!!


I think this was a bonus dish because it wasn’t in the list. So pretty and the bunny is too cute to be eaten!



Turns out to be fluffy marshmallow!


Yellow Bean Pudding, Chilled Hawthorne and Milk Roll and, Boiled Ling Zhi with assorted fungus and Longan Tea
I guess you can say the best part of the entire course is the desserts!


Freshly cut seasonal fruits
KL rates:
Food- 7/10
Price- Expensive.
Service- 7/10
Variety- 7/10



It’s so beautiful at night!


Even the walkway from MGM is colourful!


Ended my last night here with my last bath bomb! This one turns your bathwater purple with glitter! Don’t worry you won’t come out looking like Edward Cullen under the sun. You can always rinse your body with warm water before drying yourself.
Well, Macau has been interesting food wise and culture wise! I wish I had more time to travel around town more to try out the street food and Macanese cuisine. Also, I didn’t have the chance to try out the bungy jump too. 🙁


Of Portuguese egg tarts and casinos- Part 1

I’m surprised at myself for not putting Macau as one of my Must-Visit places. But I was lucky that I could follow the beau and his family because they had to go there for a conference. We got to stay in the Mandarin Oriental which was connected to the MGM Macau too! It was my first time staying in a luxurious hotel so I was very excited! We had to wait before we could check in so we went exploring. Along the way to MGM were boutiques from numerous high end brands such as Hermes, Celine and more.

In awe because…


We stepped into this!!! I think my jaw dropped for a few seconds because it was so pretty! We didn’t know about the Water Aurora in MGM Macau’s Grande Praça. It’s a calming place among the hustle and bustle of the casino.


There was even a Renaissance art exhibition going on!


Chinese New Year decor is everywhere because we traveled before the Chinese New Year festivities. Also we went to take a look at the casino and it was my first time entering a casino too! Remember to bring your passport with you because the guards will be asking for identification before you can enter the casino area. Or maybe cause I look too young to enter.


We finally got to check into our room which was the Deluxe Corner View Room and the beau was so proud that his name was on the TV.


You got a nice shower and toilet and a bathtub beside a window where you can look out to Macau city while you soak in the bath.


Yes, I got my own sink!!! 😛 Plus, a TV in the bathroom!


A king sized bed which I love! There’s wifi and a yoga mat too!


A Nespresso machine and some really yummy tea bags complimentary, of course. The room had a nice view of the sea too!
We cleaned up then went exploring in the city! Boy, Senado Square was packed with tourists from China and probably Hong Kong too, to the point that you are moving with the crowd instead of walking on your own.


St. Dominic’s Church.


A temporary escape from the chaos outside.


Then, we squeezed our way to the Ruins of St. Paul and got photobombed by everyone.



It’s really amazing how the structure is still standing till today. Shows how great the workmanship was those days.


Then, the beau and I climbed up Mount Fortress which was right next to the ruins to get a nice view of the city!



After visiting the square, we headed to Coloane in search of Portuguese egg tarts! I think I was the most excited to eat them tarts. Then we found the original bakery which had a long queue. A lot of people were buying about 10 boxes of the tarts to bring back.


We bought about 2 boxes but after eating one of the tarts, I was hooked and sort of understood why people bought about 10 boxes.


We visited The Venetian Macau too! Really pretty decor with ceiling murals of angels.


Then we were serenaded on the gondola that took us around the mall. Also since there was a Lord Stow shop, I bought another 5 boxes of egg tarts.


After a day of exploring we headed back to the hotel and had dinner at one of the restaurants in MGM called Square Eight.


I finally got to try the bath bombs that cousin got for me too!


The bath water turned purple and you’ll come out smelling like berries! 🙂


On the next day, we started our morning with a buffet breakfast at Vida Rica Restaurant. I think I never had a better buffet ever since I dined here. Though it doesn’t have a wide variety like the buffets we get here, the food was delicious and made with quality ingredients.
As the others left for the conference, I headed back to the room to recover from my food coma and as predicted, after having lunch at Vida Rica Bar, I had another food coma.


Super yummy desserts that my poor sweet tooth can’t resist! My favourite was the Sawdust dessert in the jar, a Macau specialty. Biscuit grounds layered with cream, so good and addictive!


I selfied but I really worked out like cray to get rid of all the calories I had that day. The girl’s restroom had a steam room and sauna room, which was amazing and I definitely used the facilities to the fullest.


Dinner was at La Paloma. Yes, my first fine dining experience was at this beautiful restaurant which used to be a fortress, now it has been turned into a hotel called Pousada de São Tiago.


Our courses for that night.


Pata Negra Iberico Ham with Tomato bread and D.O. Aberquina’s Oil Emulsion
I never had Iberico ham which is known to be one of the best hams ever. It was salty but you can’t help to have more. It sort of melted in my mouth, and now I need Iberico ham in my life. Too bad it’s hard to get over here.


Ravioli of langoustines with truffle sauce
This was the dish of the night! It was creamy and packed with awesome flavours from the truffles and olive oil. Also melted in my mouth.


Roasted “Lubina” Sea Bass with Mushrooms and Clams sauce
This was lacking of flavour like it needs more salt.


Crispy baby pork with Apple “compota”, roasted tomatoes and potatoes
It was crispy but not as crispy as the roasted suckling pig that we usually have during weddings.


Poached pears in Spanish red wine cake
First time having poached pear in a cake, not a big fan because it’s like you’re eating wine.


“Copa” of chilled strawberries in emulsion of passionfruit, lemon and cava
First, you taste some sourness then some tartness from the citrus fruits. I think this would be a great amuse bouche because it’s a great palate cleanser.


It was a good meal and a great introduction to Portuguese food, I was stuffed after going through the eight courses! The wine was flowing and everyone was happy. It’s a beautiful restaurant too and hopefully I can come back one day!
KL rates:
Food- 7/10
Price- Expensive.
Service- 7/10
Variety- 6/10
Part 2 is coming right up! 😀