Singapore Day 3

Finally got the chance to update my blog after my 5th semester ended! So many things happened throughout the semester that I have so much to write but I don’t know what. Well, I’m gonna flashback on my Singapore trip so that I can complete the last post about the trip then I will go on with more updates! πŸ™‚

Universal Studios really turned us into zombies the next day. Got a bit sunburned too but it was so worth it. Until today, even the thought of it can bring a smile to my face. πŸ™‚

So on our last day in Singapore, we woke up around the afternoon because of USS so Gary treated us to brunch at a restaurant called Aston’s. Judging by the queue outside of the restaurant, it should be good and it was pretty good.


I ordered Black Pepper Fish and I cleaned it all. Then by chance we had time so I begged if we could go check out the Harry Potter Exhibition at the Marina Bay Sands’ Arts&Science Museum. Boy, Marina Bay Sands is a really cool looking building.


Didn’t get to try the Eye of Singapore but my friends told me it was pretty awesome.


Preparations for Singapore’s National Day. (That’s how delayed this post is.)

Another fascinating form of architecture.



Another Stairway to Heaven kinda escalator but did not have the chance to try it.

I really wished I had more time to explore the mall but I was too eager to check out the exhibition that I ran to the museum.

There was an Andy Warhol exhibition too so it is cheaper to get those two events together. πŸ™‚

The Flying Car!!!!

The entrance to the exhibition!!!


This is actually mists. πŸ™‚


Too bad we were not allowed to take photos during the exhibition but I got a chance to be sorted to Slytherin by the Sorting Hat. One of the happiest moments in my life. XD

Headed to the Warhol exhibition after we did some souvenir shopping for Harry Potter merchandise. I think we practically glance through this one cause we had to rush back to get ourΒ luggage and zoom to the bus station. Of course we saw the infamous Campbell’s Mushroom Shop painting and the Marilyn Monroe pop artΒ portraitΒ too!

Another happy thing that happened was that I managed to meet Karishma after a year since the Turkey trip! It was so nice to see her again and she came to send us off. I really wish I had more time to talk to her. πŸ™

My buys from my Singapore trip! XD

A Slytherin scarf for me and a Ravenclaw scarf for my little sister. I was broke after buying these 2.



Some magnets from USS.



For my other little sister.




A gift for my cousin. πŸ™‚

Well,Singapore did left a good impression to me but the food is still not as good as Malaysia’s food. Maybe cause this trip was quite a rush for us that we didn’t have time to look for places with nice food. Time for us to save up to visit Singapore again!

My 10 Favourite Food in Turkey.

Another I miss something post. I miss Turkish food a lot! You can’t get good ones in Malaysia and some places selling them are overpriced too. I don’t mind going back to Turkey to just eat. Someday, I will have my own private jet and I could just fly to Turkey to eat or visit anytime I want. A girl could always dream. πŸ™‚

I think I love almost everything I ate there so it was very hard to choose the 10 nicest ones! I surprised many people there like my host families and friends because a petite girl like me can finish a plate of Iskender kebab, ask for more rice (OMG I WAS SO HAPPY WHEN I SAW RICE THERE! Can’t live without rice. XD) and basically just eat so much. I did gain some weight from that trip which is good cause I need the weight!

My 10 Favourite Food in Turkey(not in any order)

This is Sulu Kofte, meatballs in carrots and potatoes broth. SO GOOD! My host mums’ made it for me and I always go for 2nd servings. I miss my host mums’ and their cooking. πŸ™

This is called Manti. It’s something like ravioli and its covered in yogurt and some spices. The best one that I had was somewhere in Besevler, Akin and Bugra brought Anya and I there and it was like a buddies date because my buddy was Akin and Anya’s buddy was Bugra. I miss those two boys, they were the few of the nicest people that I have ever met in Turkey.

This one is called Gozleme. It has minced meat and spices inside and usually you roll it and then you eat it. It’s like a thicker version of a Roti Canai and with filling. Beside it, is a drink called Ayran, which is plain yogurt mixed with water and salt.

This soup is called Corba and it’s so good omg,just thinking about it makes my mouth water!Those white stuff are like noodles and it’s like a vegetarian soup. I had this almost every once a week at my workplace over there.

Omg,this one is like one of the most awesomest things that have ever eaten in my life! This is called Dolma cause it does not contain meat inside, the one that contains meat inside is called Sarma.It’s rice cooked with herbs and wrapped with grape leaves and it is kept in a container filled with water and usually people will boil it when you want to eat it because it taste better when its hot and it is eaten with yogurt. I have never ate so much yogurt in a span of 1week in my life.

This is a traditional baked rice with herbs and spices and pieces of beef. You can get this in Beypazari.

This is Cigborek! It’s deep fried pastry that contains minced meat inside! SO SO SO GOOD! Mouth-watering also!

Akin brought me to this very famous place which sells the AWESOME Cigborek above! Many local celebrities dined there before and it is located in Eskisehir, which is just an hour train ride from Ankara.

Really good roast chicken and….



RICE!!!!!!!!!!! XD The way they cooked their rice is different than the Asian people where we use steam to cook our rice or a rice cooker. They will first cook the uncooked rice with oil on a pan then they will pour boiling water onto the rice and let it simmer on low heat until cooked.

I don’t know the name of the dessert on the left but the one on the right is called BACLAVA!!! *throws confetti around* I LOVE THEM BOTH! One of my host mums’ made that dessert on the left and IT SO AWESOME TOO OMG!!! Her family and her neighbour has always made a gathering every once a week to catch up and share gossips so I was really happy that I get to join them and meet new people and eat awesome food too. πŸ™‚

I saved the best for last. May I present to you one of the most AWESOMEST dessert I have ever eaten in my entire life! THE KUNEFE TOPPED WITH TURKISH ICE-CREAM! Omg, the sweet cheese-like thing underneath the crispy things which I think is coconut. I had this on the last day before I left Ankara thanks to my dear buddy, Akin. πŸ™‚

Every dessert fan or anyone who has a sweet tooth must add this to your list of MUST have desserts to eat before you die. So where can you get this super awesome delicious must eat dessert? Well, you can get it in any MADO ice-cream shops all over Turkey! You would be happy to know that they even opened a branch in MALAYSIA! I never got the chance to visit MADO in Malaysia yet but I heard from my Turkish friends that it’s just as good as the one you can get in Turkey. πŸ™‚

Ipoh getaway with the Karats.

So during our last week of our mid-semester break, Ayesha, Charmaine and I traveled to Ipoh to stay over at Jaclyn’s place for 4 days and 3 nights.

Charmaine aka Kepo who’s not part of the Karat family but she wishes to be in the family,hahaha! Ayesha’s the mum and then Jaclyn’s my sister who works in the petting zoo as the animal itself,hahaha!!!

We’re known as the Karats (Rust in Malay language) because our daddy,Nigel Chin said so (He’s in Adelaide now, leaving the family alone in Malaysia. πŸ™ ) basically the children doesn’t have a say in anything.

So as Ayesha, Charmaine and I were on our way to Ipoh, a Proton Saga FLX Gold coloured with a Kedah number plate, was tailgating Ayesha’s car and there was 2 Malay men in the car who kept staring at us as they drive side by side our car and kept flashing too! It was so annoying, scary and stupid at the same time because the left lane was free of cars and they didn’t want to go to that lane. They were basically stalking our car. Seriously, we couldn’t avoid them until a Honda came in between so that Honda basically saved our lives or else we would have been stalked all the way to Ipoh.So ladies, if you’re going on a girly trip and these stupid people comes and disturbs you, just ignore them and follow your lane, if you drive faster, they enjoy the chase more so be very careful! If it is getting worst then I suggest calling for help.

Since Nigel could not be with us, we took this to represent Nigel! XD

So we dropped our luggage at Jaclyn’s place then we went for Chicken Hor Fun at Ong Kee Restaurant! How I miss Ipoh’s awesome food!

Jaclyn with Nigel the penguin! We brought him together with us the whole time.

Charmaine and Ayesha with her favourite chillis!

We watched some movies after lunch, such as White Chicks which is our all-time favourite! XD

Then it came to dinnertime and this is our tradition, whenever we come down to Ipoh, we must have Char Hor Fun for dinner!!! On the first night, we went to this shop! Sadly, I did not take any pictures because the minute the food reached our table, it’s gone in seconds! Which further proves how good it is!!! We ordered a plate of squid, Char Hor Fun (DUH!) and Wa Tan Hor which is not as nice as the Char Hor Fun and some Pork.

Call us crazy but on the 2nd night we went to the other restaurant which is beside the one we went yesterday to eat the same thing again because they both sell the same thing. In my opinion, I prefer the first shop because the Char Hor Fun there tasted better! The second shop gives bigger sized squid which is also a good thing! No pictures again cause it was Hor Fun.

The next day, Lena invited us to her home for a steamboat dinner with her parents! It was again filled with awesome food hence no pictures. Her parents were really cool! They made us eat so much that I couldn’t even breath properly. After dinner, we played some cards and then we went home.


The reason why we had steamboat at her place instead of going out to a steamboat restaurant is because, we were still scared from what happened the last time we came to Ipoh and had steamboat at one of the steamboat restaurants here. It was about 10.30p.m and there was still many people in the restaurant, we were sitting outside beside the main road and behind our table was another table with 2 young girls and beside our table was a table full of guys.

We were so engrossed into a topic until we heard one of the guys at the next table yelled, then a girl screamed and we turned around we saw a man with a motorcycle helmet grabbed one of the girl’s bag and just drove away on his motorcycle. It happened so fast and everyone was in shocked and I feel so bad for the girl. It was pretty scary too because it was my first time witnessing this and it was so close to our table, the man could have taken our bags because all of our bags are on the chair in between Jaclyn and Charmaine. So immediately after that happened, we just paid and brisk walked to our car and was so paranoid and afraid the whole night.

So we were pretty scarred from then on until today, Charmaine and Ayesha even brought cheap sling bags to Ipoh instead of the normal handbags to Ipoh and we even put our important stuffs in 1 bag instead so that all of us don’t have to bring all our bags out. So again, I am going to say this! BE SUPER SUPER SUPER CAREFUL WITH YOUR BAGS, ALWAYS KEEP THEM WITH YOU,DON’T PUT IT ON A CHAIR, PUT IT ON YOUR LAP!

P.S: I got a new laptop because my Acer laptop died on me when my assignments deadlines were so close so I had no choice but to get a new one. Everyone please meet Lambo from Asus! He’s a notebook! XD


Emily’s 21st

MY BESTIE FROM HIGH SCHOOL HAS TURNED 21 LAST FRIDAY! We had a small celebration at The Hills, Damansara Heights with her- Emily, Amanda and I wished Samantha was there to join us! It was my first time there so I was really surprised that it’s sort of on a hill hahaha! The place has a really cozy atmosphere and the waiters are really friendly too. I think we went a bit overboard with the food cause there was so many to try and we assumed that our stomach can fit a lot of it inside because we were starving.

We ordered this Watermelon heart-shaped drink which happens to be their bestseller and I can see why! It’s cute and it tasted good too because the alcohol taste was not really strong which is why I like it. We can even scrape the sides of the watermelon and eat it. I wonder how many watermelons was served everyday for a month and what do they do with the extra flesh that was scraped out to form the heart shape?

Emily ordered the Green Monster burger which is also one of their best sellers. The minute I tasted the green sauce, I was like O_O. I didn’t like it cause it has mint in it but the salad and wedges were good. I like mint when it’s in candy form not in its original form. XD

Emily the Birthday Girl looking like she’s going to stab someone with the fork and with an umbrella on her hair. Hahaha!


This was mine which is the Wasabi Chicken. I love this! The wasabi was not spicy at all but you can still feel a little of the heat, the salad was good too, the dressing was different than the salad which came with the Green Monster and the wedges is good as ever!

Emily had cravings for nachos so we ordered this and it was really good too with cheese on top of slices of jalapeno with tomatoes and dip it into the chili, it was so GOOD!!! Too bad we couldn’t finish this so we got it packed.

Amanda ordered some soft shell crab sushi which was really big and it tasted really nice too but too bad we couldn’t finish it so it was packed too.

3 petite girls and a table filled with big portions of food.

After dinner we brought out the hidden Wondermilk cupcakes and the waiter was like hiding behind Emily trying to light one of the candles that blew out before even reaching her, he failed but we managed to surprise her with the cupcakes! Amanda and I were worried because she already received Wondermilk cupcakes a day before from her company, thankfully she likes our better cause it’s smaller and it’s cuter.

We gave one to the waiter cause he was really nice to us!


We brought her the present during dinner and her face was like O_O. We told her to guess and she guessed it was a Nerf gun so we just went with it! Hahaha! After we sang Happy Birthday then only we let her open the present and when she did, she screamed for joy cause it was a light saber which I knew she always wanted one cause she has a thing for Star Wars. We told her to press the button then the light saber lighted up with red light then she screamed again cause it was red like Darth Vader’s light saber. We got a lot of stares from the other tables cause of the epicness of her receiving a light saber instead of girly gifts such as make-up and clothes.


We received this special birthday drink from the bartender and it tasted better than the watermelon drink! We asked what’s the drink called and he told us that it’s not in the menu and he came up with it on the spot which was pretty cool!

Me and her light saber which she let me play with it for a while! Now I feel like getting one for myself.

Emily made this collage and look at that girl and her lightsaber! Haha,I am glad we bought her something different for her 21st birthday instead of the usual stuff!

The next post will about the Roxy Fashion Show! I have to do a lot of catching up because I was in Ipoh for 4 days and 3 nights and the voting for he Roxy Girl competition has started so just click on the link below and vote for me, maybe drop a comment or two too if you like! πŸ™‚

Vote for me to be your Roxy Girl

Sammy’s birthday at S’mores!

Li-Anne organized a party for Samantha at S’mores in Bangsar South last weekend! My woman turned 21! πŸ™‚

It was my first time in S’mores so I ordered the recommended main dish on the menu which was Pork Chop.

It tasted really nice!The brown sauce is slightly spicy and it tasted a little bit sour too but it really complimented the pork. The coleslaw was good too, better than KFC’s coleslaw. The downside is the mashed potatoes, which was cold and tasteless.

Now some lovely pictures from the people who was there and some of mine.


High school friends and besties!:)


My cupcake was Vanilla flavoured with chocolate icing which I traded with Emily and Amanda to get a Red Velvet.



Emily loved this picture the most cause we looked like we’re photoshopped LOL.



Li-Anne made this nice collage here.:)

Though it was a little awkward at the beginning, it got better and the most important thing is that she’s happy and I hope she liked the underwear I got for her.:-P