11street Now Offers 24-Hour Delivery Service For Fresh Produce To Klang Valley Shoppers

11street Now Offers 24-Hour Delivery Service For Fresh Produce To Klang Valley Shoppers

Malaysians can now shop for fresh goods and other grocery items online in 11street (www.11street.my) thanks to their partnership with Just Order Conveniently On Mobile (JOCOM), consumers can get fresh goods such as vegetables, fish, halal-certified organic farm chicken, eggs and white bread from 11street. Talk about shopping convenience since we don’t have to navigate to a separate website to do grocery shopping!

The initiative will be rolled out gradually, with Klang Valley shoppers being the first to receive their fresh foodstuff within 24 hours. Consumers in Penang and Johor Bahru will enjoy next-day delivery by the end of the year, while those in other Peninsular Malaysia states, within next year.

Agnes Chua, Managing Director of JOCOM with Hoseok Kim, CEO of 11street
Agnes Chua, Managing Director of JOCOM with Hoseok Kim, CEO of 11street commemorate their continued partnership with the introduction of a new product category – Fresh, Chilled and Frozen Food on 11street.

“We are delighted to have JOCOM supporting our vision in bringing fresh produce to our shoppers, working towards establishing 11street as a one-stop e-mall that offers everything our shoppers need under one roof. This is in line with the growing interest among Malaysians to turn to the digital sphere to shop for fresh food and other household grocery items. We see this increase especially during festive periods, such as Hari Raya and Chinese New Year,” says Hoseok Kim, Chief Executive Officer of 11street.

Kim adds: “Partnering JOCOM, an established enabler of online groceries and shopping, we aim to revolutionalise the online shopping sphere for groceries and fresh foods, and as such JOCOM is the most ideal partner to work together.”

Agnes Chua, Managing Director of JOCOM elaborates: “Since our establishment, our vision to provide an integrated solution to connect rural farmers, traders and vendors with affluent consumers via e-commerce remains. We are excited to extend this outreach through 11street, as we believe shopping for groceries online is the way forward. Together with 11street, we enable Malaysian consumers to enjoy the convenience of having fresh goods and other household groceries delivered to their homes within few simply clicks on the PCs or smartphones.”

Everything you need under one roof with RM1 deals

To kick start 11street’s foray into offering fresh produce, shoppers can now purchase the two items – 10 pieces of the Grade C eggs and Gardenia Classic White Bread – each for RM1 with limited units.

11street Fresh Produce Category-kyelinspot.com

The newly-minted collaboration will see the addition of 1,000 fresh produce from JOCOM into 11street’s inventory by end of this year. On top of the fresh harvest of vegetables and farm chicken, as well as eggs and nutritious bread, shoppers can also shop for frozen food items such as fish and other seafood, thus elevating one’s shopping experience on 11street.

Other grocery items available through 11street’s existing partnership with JOCOM include household items such as laundry detergent, toilet rolls, and air freshener; furniture such as recliner chairs, cushions, and bean bags; as well as condiments for cooking such as sesame oil, sauce marinades and canned foods.

11street assures its shoppers that they’ll be receiving freshest and highest quality food items. In the event that shoppers find these items unacceptable, 11street will redeliver products within the next 24 hours, or provide a full refund.

As it is a phased roll-out, 11street and JOCOM will extend the 24-hour delivery option for fresh foodstuff to shoppers in Penang and Johor Bahru by the end of this year and the rest of Peninsular Malaysia by early 2017. In the near future, 11street and JOCOM aim to achieve at least 15,000 fresh goods orders on the former’s platform.

Kim elaborates: “We hope that through this collaboration with JOCOM, we help to make our shoppers’ lives more convenient by enabling them to shop for essential food products and household items on 11street. Our aim has always been to enrich and expand our offerings so that our shoppers continue to find everything they love on 11street.

“With our vision in mind, we are also excited to let our consumers know that we will offer one of Malaysia’s most highly valued and rare freshwater fish – the empurau – caught fresh and flown in specially from Sarawak, and sold frozen,” he concludes.

The empurau fish sells from RM700 per kilogramme onwards, and is available exclusively on 11street starting today. Maybe you can surprise your family with this bounty tomorrow, if you’re feeling like a baller?

Now we can worry less about parking spots and shop for groceries in the comfort of our home!

For more information, please visit www.11street.my.

Yas to Rainbow Bagels

Yas to Rainbow Bagels

One of my food goals is to taste all things rainbow-inspired, like the infamous rainbow bagels in New York. But since I can’t afford to go there, I think the food gods heard my wish and has granted me, Bowery Petit‘s Rainbow Bagels. Yes, these rainbow bagels are probably full of colouring but, we got to treat ourselves to our guilty pleasures yes?

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Eat the Meringue in Sitka Restaurant

You have to try the Meringue cake from Sitka Restaurant. Jalan Batai is getting more attention lately thanks to the newly opened Ben’s Grocer but today it’ll be about Sitka Restaurant, one of the shops along the Yellow Brick Road Cafe. Heard good things about it from some friends and finally had a chance to try it out with the beau for lunch after my recent job interview (Which is now my permanent job!).

Sitka Restaurant
Source: Sitka Restaurant
Sitka Restaurant
Source: Sitka Restaurant

It has a cozy interior with its industrial-inspired architecture which is cliche because almost all cafes are going for this look. But when it’s crowded, most of its coziness is gone with the noise.sitka restaurant

Have some Mocha (RM11) and some house-made Mango cooler drink (RM10) to quench your thirst.
sitka restaurant
Lunch is served!
buttermilk fried chicken sitka restaurant
I ordered the buttermilk Fried Chicken (RM23) which comes 2 pieces of chicken topped with honey and thyme with a piece of waffle and half a cob of roasted corn. It smelled so good and the skin is the best because it’s crispy and I love my skins to be that way!
However, when I cut into the chicken, it was still a little raw inside so naturally you will call the waiter to get it cooked again right? I did and the waiter said oh it’s cooked already because the chicken has been soaked in a brine, he gave me a face of frustration and said if you want the chef to cook it again it will take 15 minutes and the chicken will be dry.
Because I’m nice and I felt his urge to leave since it was a busy lunch hour, I just let it go. But recently someone told me that their chicken was not raw inside when they had the Buttermilk Chicken. Oh well, at least I didn’t get any tummy ache from eating slightly raw chicken.
It was juicy inside but my brain keeps replaying Gordon Ramsay’s ‘This is raw!’ throw into the bin scenario as I was eating. The corn was cooked well and so is the waffle but for the price I am paying, I expect them to be more generous with those elements.
sitka restaurant
The beau had the Duck Confit sandwich which had teared up pieces of duck confit, roasted oranges, parsnip and herbs scattered on a toasted bread. The combination of the duck and orange is a winning combo as usual! Just the portion is not enough for a big eater that’s for sure.
meringue cake sitka restaurant
This Meringue (RM15) cake was one of the best cakes I’ve had in a long time! Described as Valrhona Chocolate mousse cake with raspberries, every bite was decadent! Its chocolaty and not too sweet too thanks to the tartness of the berries. Slight crispiness from the meringue layers just adds more fun to the party in my mouth! I will come back for this cake!!!

KL rates:
Food- 8/10 (Only because of the buttermilk chicken and meringue)
Price- Steep, about RM18 above
Service- 5/10
Variety- 5/10
No. 8-5, Jalan Batai
Kuala Lumpur

One Book That’s Worthy Cause You Get To Save Some Cash!

Have any of you stumbled on the Worthy Book (RM29.90 for 180 vouchers, that’s a pretty good deal!) in bookstores and magazine stands recently? Well I picked up the Food Edition 2 weeks back and ever since then, I have visited 3 different restaurants which has been featured on this voucher booklet. Apparently the vouchers lasted from last year till end of August 2015. So I’m a little late on the Worthy Book bandwagon but hey, at least I still got to enjoy 3 deals featured in the booklet. 🙂

worthy book brotzeit
I had cravings for some German food so I made my way to Brotzeit since I saw they had some vouchers for me to use there. I used the 25% Off On Any Sausage Platter voucher and got the their signature pork sausage platter that came with a generous amount of mashed potatoes and sauerkraut.
But I wished they were more generous about the amount of sausages or make it fatter since you’re serving about 5 pieces only per platter. It was about RM45 before the 25% discount. Nevertheless, the mashed potato and sauerkraut tasted great with the sausages, nothing is more German than having your sausages with sauerkraut. Just pass the voucher as you are making your order so that the waiter will include the platter in the order. Remember to hand it to them as you ask for your bill for them to include the discount.


worthy book sushi tei
A few days after I popped my Worthy Book’s voucher cherry, I headed to Sushi Tei to get my Salmon Sashimi fix since I could redeem 1- FREE Salmon Sashimi with orders above RM30. Actually it was 5 thick pieces of Salmon Sashimi but the beau stole 1 piece before I took a picture of it but hey, it does look similar to it’s photo on the voucher. It was yummy so I’m happy I got my fix.
Show the voucher when you’re making orders and pass it to them when you call for your bill. They charged me for the sashimi because they forgotten about the voucher that I have shown them so check your receipt before paying.


worthy book my burger lab
Last week, the beau and I made our way to My Burger Lab, OUG so that we can try out some new burgers from them. This 50% OFF on Second Burger voucher was a really helpful since we ordered 1 Yellow Submarine set and 1 Bulbasaur a la carte burger to that got discounted by 50%. Pass the voucher to them as you make your order. The T&C for the voucher did not state we can only use 1 voucher per receipt so we had to ask if we are allowed to use more than 1 voucher.


my burger lab yellow submarine
The Yellow Submarine set. It’s one of the Secret Menu burgers so we had to try it! It has fried chicken, fried egg, mustard and other ingredients that I can’t recall but you can always ask the friendly workers there on what’s available and inside of the burgers. This was delish as the chicken was crispy, juicy on the inside and the egg yolk was oozing out as you bite into it.


my burger lab bulbasaur
The Bulbasaur has fried chicken, fried egg, green salsa and a seaweed sauce. I like how the seaweed adds some saltiness while the salsa gives it some tangy taste to balance it out!

I do wish that we’re allowed to use a max of 2 vouchers per transaction so it’ll be more worth it since some vouchers are free add-ons and some are discounts. Hopefully in the oncoming Worthy Books there’ll be more of the hottest dining spots and we can use more than 1 voucher per visit.

Where did I get my Worthy Book?
The FnB Edition and the Shopping Edition is available at all major bookstores (MPH, Popular, Times, Borders, Kinokuniya) and selected myNEWS.com and 7-11 outlets in KL and Selangor.

Website: www.worthybook.my
Facebook: www.facebook.com/worthybook
Instagram: www.instagram.com/worthybook
Twitter: www.twitter.com/worthybook_my
Blog: www.worthybook.blogspot.com
Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/WorthyBook

Awesome maki’s in Umai-ya

Thanks to the really awesome discount vouchers that went rampant years ago, I had the chance to nom on the wide variety of makis’ that they have. The makis in Umai-ya are the best that I ever had but did their quality remain the same now that we are in 2015? I say YES!

My little sister and I treated the fam-bam to a meal at Umai-ya and sure enough we ordered the makis and with other type of dishes this time. Also they ran out of avocados that time so expect less green peeking out of the sushi. Check out the makis that we ordered. Sadly I can’t remember the names of the makis but you can always use my pictures for reference when you’re looking through the menu.

This was yummy! I think tuna mayo is an underrated sushi ingredient because it’s not considered as an expensive ingredient compared to the raw tuna.



Deep fried soft shell crab sushi with some fish roe too is for those who likes their sushi crispy! The sauce in the middle is also really nice with a nice amount of heat to it.


Some tuna, salmon and tempura flakes wedged inside a sushi covered in bonito flakes which tasted nice if you are a fan of sashimi sushi.


We ordered a wide variety of makis to try as many as we can! This one has soft shell crab inside with some cucumber and it’s topped with unagi slices and fish roe on top. Really yummy too!


This is chawanmushi inside egg shells and topped with some fish roe, chicken and smaller fish roe. The chawanmushi is not overcooked and it’s really smooth too!


Some fresh Salmon, Butterfish and Sweet prawns sashimi to add some natural sweetness to our belly.


Cha Soba.
This came in a huge bowl of ice to keep the noodles cool. Nothing much to shout about here.


Sukiyaki. Their sukiyaki is already cooked beforehand so no flames involved but you get to add the meat and egg separately. Best to cook the meat and egg when it is still hot.


We ordered the Beef Tongue which came as a Cook It Yourself (CIY) hot grill. It was a decent portion for the 5 of us to eat about 1-2 slices each.


It’s really tender and actually sweet! Best if you can have it rare or medium rare so it’s more juicy!


KL rates:
Food- 7/10
Price- Average, about RM18 above
Service- 6/10
Variety- 8/10