Eat the Meringue in Sitka Restaurant

You have to try the Meringue cake from Sitka Restaurant. Jalan Batai is getting more attention lately thanks to the newly opened Ben’s Grocer but today it’ll be about Sitka Restaurant, one of the shops along the Yellow Brick Road Cafe. Heard good things about it from some friends and finally had a chance to try it out with the beau for lunch after my recent job interview (Which is now my permanent job!).

Sitka Restaurant
Source: Sitka Restaurant
Sitka Restaurant
Source: Sitka Restaurant

It has a cozy interior with its industrial-inspired architecture which is cliche because almost all cafes are going for this look. But when it’s crowded, most of its coziness is gone with the noise.sitka restaurant

Have some Mocha (RM11) and some house-made Mango cooler drink (RM10) to quench your thirst.
sitka restaurant
Lunch is served!
buttermilk fried chicken sitka restaurant
I ordered the buttermilk Fried Chicken (RM23) which comes 2 pieces of chicken topped with honey and thyme with a piece of waffle and half a cob of roasted corn. It smelled so good and the skin is the best because it’s crispy and I love my skins to be that way!
However, when I cut into the chicken, it was still a little raw inside so naturally you will call the waiter to get it cooked again right? I did and the waiter said oh it’s cooked already because the chicken has been soaked in a brine, he gave me a face of frustration and said if you want the chef to cook it again it will take 15 minutes and the chicken will be dry.
Because I’m nice and I felt his urge to leave since it was a busy lunch hour, I just let it go. But recently someone told me that their chicken was not raw inside when they had the Buttermilk Chicken. Oh well, at least I didn’t get any tummy ache from eating slightly raw chicken.
It was juicy inside but my brain keeps replaying Gordon Ramsay’s ‘This is raw!’ throw into the bin scenario as I was eating. The corn was cooked well and so is the waffle but for the price I am paying, I expect them to be more generous with those elements.
sitka restaurant
The beau had the Duck Confit sandwich which had teared up pieces of duck confit, roasted oranges, parsnip and herbs scattered on a toasted bread. The combination of the duck and orange is a winning combo as usual! Just the portion is not enough for a big eater that’s for sure.
meringue cake sitka restaurant
This Meringue (RM15) cake was one of the best cakes I’ve had in a long time! Described as Valrhona Chocolate mousse cake with raspberries, every bite was decadent! Its chocolaty and not too sweet too thanks to the tartness of the berries. Slight crispiness from the meringue layers just adds more fun to the party in my mouth! I will come back for this cake!!!

KL rates:
Food- 8/10 (Only because of the buttermilk chicken and meringue)
Price- Steep, about RM18 above
Service- 5/10
Variety- 5/10
No. 8-5, Jalan Batai
Kuala Lumpur

Hoot hoot to The Owls Cafe!

The Owls Cafe is not like the owl cafe in Japan where you can find real owls flying around inside the cafe but they make up for it with the cute and kitschy owl decor! They finally introduced brunch meals a few months back so my friends and I made our way there to check the cafe out. We were most excited for the waffles!

However, parking will be an issue so you gotta do The Parking Chant (Invented by my uni friends and I, the driver and the passengers just need to repeat I’ll get parking/ We’ll get parking/ Someone’s going to give me their spot/ etc, while POSITIVELY visualizing the parking spot in your heads. It works, trust me! Tried & Tested!) as you enter the shop lots. It worked for me after circling around for 10 minutes. The cafe is one floor above a restaurant at the same row with Hong Leong Bank.

Isn’t the mural adorable? 🙂 This sitting area is for a group of 5 or more. Come during the day to take loads of Insta-worthy shots!
Samantha’s the coffee addict and Audrey’s the candy queen while I’m a bit of everything. 😛


Do take note that the brunch meals are only available from 9.30am-3.30pm daily.


I got me some Muffin & Lox (RM18) which is a British Style English Muf fin with Mascarpone Cream Cheese and Smoked Salmon served with Tomato Salsa, Red Dragon Fruit Puree & Balsamico Reduction. Somehow, cheese, salmon and dill will always be a winning combo. The salsa was nice too. I just wish that they gave  more salmon slices and salsa for the price that we’re paying.


Samantha got the Baker On The Go- B.L.B (RM18) which is a 180 ºC oven baked buttery fl avoured Crispy Croissant with Juicy Breakfast Lean Beef sliced with flavoured Cheddar topped on cheese sauce & mayonnaise, served with Salad & Fries. The beef was overcooked so it was a bit dry. The criss cross fries was crispy but when you try stabbing it with your fork, it just breaks into pieces.


While Audrey got the Baker On The Go- Morning Daisy (RM16) which is 3 Farm Eggs scrambled to perfection in golden & soft texture. The scrambled eggs were overcooked too sadly. Portion for the meals were just nice for a small eater but not for someone with a big appetite like me. I guess small portions are great too because you’ll have more rooms for desserts! 😀
Cameras are out because…


The Queen (RM21) is here! Crispy waffles topped with three homemade ice-cream, a macaron and sprinkles of icing sugar and coconut flakes, a sight to behold for sure! I’m not sure if the ice-cream and macaron flavour changes but we had the Vanilla, Earl Grey and White Chocolate with Lavender ice-cream and Mango macaron.
Everything was delicious! The ice-creams was not too sweet and you can actually taste the Earl Grey flavour and the rest. The waffles was soft on the inside and crispy on the outside, I guess that what makes it a great waffle!


Here’s a close up, I love how the strawberry was cut to look like a flower! I like how they put effort in the food presentation here. Also, waffles are only available from 12pm-5pm daily.


Magic (RM8), that’s the name and the reason I ordered this cuppa. I didn’t know what to expect but after researching, according to Good Food, ‘magic’ is a double ristretto – about 45ml of syrupy espresso – topped up with milk in a 150ml tulip cup.
Well, I never had a ristretto before but apparently, what makes it ‘magic’ is the creamy mouthfeel of well-textured milk. The foam cream was sweet so it balances out the little tinge of bitterness from the ristretto.


KL rates:
Food- 7/10
Price- Typical cafe pricing (RM16 above for meals, RM6 above for drinks)
Service- 7/10
Variety- 7/10

One thing’s for sure, I will definitely be coming back to try the other waffles and desserts!

For more information, check out their Facebook and the menu.

12-1, First Floor, Block 5, Jalil Link,
Jalan Jalil Jaya 6, Bukit Jalil,
 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Operating Hours:
Tue – Thu:
9:30 am – 7:00 pm
Fri – Sat:
9:30 am – 11:00 pm
9:30 am – 7:00 pm
Closed on Mondays.

Look at the Three Little Birds!

Ok there was no birds but everyone has either heard about or has been to Three Little Birds Coffee. Whether it’s their second outpost in Desa Park City or their first with Artisan Roastery right beside it and, can I say it’s one of the nicest cafe I have ever been to? I finally had an opportunity to visit the cafe after a random message from an old friend, Jeradyne who wants to scout the cafe as well so Samantha joined along too as we drive all the way to Sentul.

It was dark and cloudy when we arrived so we seek refuge under the shade. Better to be shaded since it’s always the monsoon season at the end of the year or else we would have been able to chill at the Aviary. It was a weekday so it was not crowded and it was actually peaceful. A great place and time to catch up. 🙂

First things first, we were starving after the long drive so we ordered a few different dishes to share among ourselves. We went for the lunch set promo which let us pick between coffee or tea.

My Red Tea, which I think is Rooibos tea and I love it! It was refreshing even on a hot/ rainy day. Rooibos tea is like Teh Tarik without the condensed milk. The rest was not a fan of it because of the strong scent.

We didn’t expect the food to arrive in this fashion. For the Chicken pasta (Top left), I think it would be easier for people to eat if they just arrange it onto a plate. But other than that, that dish was a bit cold, the chicken and sweet potato fries was a bit soggy too. It would have tasted better if it was served hot and fresh but taste wise, the sauce was alright,I’m guessing that they sourced their dishes from suppliers because the availability for certain dishes are varied at different timings.
The Lasagna (Top right) is pretty good but the portion is a little small. It has a generous amount of minced beef and pasta sheets to fill up one stomach.
We got the Chicken sandwich too which I think is from Tommy Le Baker. Wish there was more filling and the bread to be a little softer.
The girls like their flat white because they can actually taste and feel the coffee kick that is not too empowering.

If my memory serves me right, this is called Chocolate cherry cake? One of their bestsellers and may I add, one of the yummiest chocolate cakes I have ever had? Moist, chocolaty with little tinge of bittersweetness from the cocoa or espresso powder, I presume and not overwhelmingly sweet. 

Hojo Darjeeling Tea Chiffon Cake. I. LOVE. THIS! It’s so soft and fluffy. The subtle taste of the tea with light frosting, is what makes this simple cake so good! It’s the perfect cake for people who loves tea or wants a cake that’s just touching the borderline of sweet. I would call it a healthy cake! 😛
KL rates:
Food- 7/10
Price- Typical cafe pricing
Service- 6/10 
Variety- 7/10
So from here on, the shots will be from Jeradyne! Where you can see, how photographer actually takes nice pictures and see how my not so pro pictures fare with hers. 🙂

Pretending that she’s not taking a picture. 

The last two shots are from me again. 😛
Jeradyne in her element! Do check out more of her awesome works here! 😀

BTS shot of Sam and her OOTD shoot.

I’m glad we did this! It was a good catch up and we didn’t really know Jeradyne back in high school and turns out we have some things in common. Thanks Jeradyne for initiating this scouting outing!

Random outings FTW! 🙂

Have some healthy gourmet coffee with Luvoco!

Ever drank coffee that has Ganoderma Lucidum, more commonly known as Lingzhi in it? I never heard of it or even tasted it until I had a taste of Luvoco (Love of Coffee), the healthier gourmet coffee. Created by Gano Excel Industries who’s the leading producer of organic Ganoderma and it has the largest plantation in the world.

Reasons this ‘king of herbs’ is good for you:
– It helps to flush out the toxins in your body
– Strengthens your immune system
– May help in preventing and treating diseases such as cancer, diabetes and many more because it contains more than 200 bioactive ingredients!

Curious, I made my way to Luvoco’s launch at Connexion@Nexus, Bangsar South. Whats really special about Luvoco coffee capsules? It has 100% water soluble Ganoderma Lucidum extract, means you’re getting generous amounts of healthy vitamins from that and the coffee too! Win win situation!

I felt that I was under dressed, my smart casual attire had more casual in it then smart. 😛 It was a little intimidating as there was many businessmen and women. But, there was an orchestra troop who played famous pop songs like Fireworks by Katy Perry which was pretty cool! Classy but cool!


After the launch, we were then ushered to the next room where we got to try the three coffee capsule varieties which are AmorosoSmooth & Gentle, RaffinatoRefined & Distinct and ClassicoRich and Deep.
I went for Amoroso first, it was a bit sour so I don’t really like it but it’s a light coffee and surprisingly you can’t taste any Ganoderma at all.


We got to vote for our favourites by dropping some coffee beans into the vases that was set up along each booth.


My favourite blend was the Raffinato, it was just the right amount of bitterness and it comes in a variety of flavours which you can add to your coffee! The winners to me was the vanilla and hazelnut! The only downside is that you have to add in the flavour syrup yourself and you have to purchase it separately.
Whereas, for Classico, it’s a strong black coffee which is not favourite type of coffee unless it’s so good, in this case, it was ok. I rather stick with the Raffinato.


I like the machine’s design, it’s a simple to use machine with a modern look. The size is not too bulky either so it’ll fit in nicely in your kitchen, office and room, if you don’t like to share. 😛


Chairman of Gano Excel Industries, Mr Leow Soon Seng (fourth from left) and Director of Gano Excel Industries, Mr Leong Ting Yu (third from right) posing with their products and good looking models.


Thank you for the goodies, Luvoco! I can’t wait to try the Gano tea in my new cup! The notebook is really nice too with a generous amount of sticky notes! Everyone needs sticky notes!
The camera made me look so white but I’m glad the picture turned out nice! 🙂

For inquiries on Luvoco do check out, or .

If you want to buy it, contact Hugo Lim, Global Representative of Gano E Worldwide at:

Phone: +6012-337 6008
On a random note, the beau and I had lunch at San Nae Deul Korean Restaurant after the event and we ordered the lunch sets that were available. Surroundings wise, it is a nicely decorated restaurant with attentive staffs too but food wise, now that’s a different story.


It was one of the worst meals I have ever had. After a few difficult spoonfuls, I gave up. The sauce was thick and it tasted like a refrigerator. It was mushy and very unappetizing. Actually it made the beau and I lose our appetite after eating this. I don’t think we are ever going back there.


Chilling at PULP on a rainy day

Well, I finally had time to check out the famous PULP by Papa Palheta which originated from Singapore. My friends and I actually drove past the cafe without knowing there’s no obvious signage other than a wooden door located in a factory lot. It’s great that it doesn’t need any flashy signs to attract fellow coffee enthusiasts. It was a nice place to chill while waiting for the rain to stop. 🙂

Since it was our first time, we asked for some recommendations from the barista based on each of our preference for our coffee. Since I wanted to try their tea and coffee wise I want something not too strong, he recommended the Cascara for me. It’s a mix of coffee and tea which actually gives out a sour plum-ish taste.
Definitely an acquired taste because the friends were not fans of it but I find it alright. Somehow, I felt like I was drinking some herbal soup instead of drinking coffee. I do taste a bit of sour plum but other than that, it’s a light cuppa.
Cascara- RM12


Samantha’s becoming my cafe hopping partner and she always orders a cup of Flat White or Latte first before trying other varieties. She said it doesn’t have much kick so I guess she needed one more shot in her coffee. 😛
Espresso + Milk- RM10


Now in front, we have the Carrot Cake and at the back, we have the Baked Cheesecake. Both tasted mediocre to me, the cheesecake was dense, not fluffy. I think the selection of cakes were curated to complement coffee so the coffee made the cake taste a little better and vice versa.
Carrot Cake- RM10
Baked Cheesecake- RM8


I got meself some Hot Chocolate to keep me warm and I really like it! You can really taste the slight bitterness of the cocoa and the sweetness was just right! 🙂
Hot Chocolate- RM10


The deets!

My advice is to come on weekdays instead of weekends because there’s not many tables available so once it’s full, you gotta wait for someone to leave. Also, the baristas would have more time to explain or recommend something just for you too so it’s more special than the usual! 🙂 You can really feel how passion for coffee as they suggest different blends to suit your taste buds. Don’t expect brunch meals here, they only have cakes, pies and popcorn which sold out before we could try.

KL rates:
Food- 4/10
Price- About RM10 for a cuppa
Service- 7/10
Variety- 6/10