A First-Hand Look at Pristine Skincare & Hair Stem Cell Treatment from Premier Clinic

Premier Clinic gave bloggers an insight on their latest skincare range, Pristine, a Medical Grade skin care range from USA and, Premier Stem Cell Hair Loss Treatment, one of the leading hair loss treatment in the market now.

Celebrity Dr Chen Tai Ho introduced Pristine, a Medical Grade skin care range from USA, suitable for all skin types but it’s specially made for very sensitive skin or if you’ve just completed an aesthetic treatment from the clinic.

Premier Clinic-Pristine Skincare

The Pristine skincare range consists of a Foam Cleanser, MultiActive Toner, Intensive Recovery, Perfecting Moisturiser, Ultra Sun Protection SPF50, Vital Skin Serum and Essence Eye Gel. The products are perfect for our weather since it’s fast-absorbing and is not too rich so it goes well under makeup too.

Next, Dr Michelle Lai explained more on their latest Premier Stem Cell Hair Loss Treatment, a revolutionary new treatment whereby hair loss can be reversed in only 1 painless treatment, with results visible in 1 month!

 How does the Stem Cell Hair Loss Treatment work?

First, the doctor will thoroughly examine your scalp using a hair microscope to check your hair follicles. Once the consultation is done, the doctor will proceed to gently and painlessly harvest healthy hair follicles in a 2mm area (1 graft unit) from your scalp without bleeding or discomfort. Anesthesia is used so you will have a comfortable experience all the way. The hair follicles are then placed into a high-tech machine to filter and harvest concentrated stem cells. The processed stem cells are then injected into balding areas with the finest needles to minimize discomfort. The whole process takes about 60 minutes.

Stem cells are cells found in all tissue including on the scalp. The main function of stem cells is to replace or regenerate cells that are damaged or dead.
By harvesting and concentrating the quantity of hair stem cells and then injecting them into areas with hair loss, the stem cells are able to regenerate hair follicles that have been damaged due to aging, stress, environmental factors, drugs and hormonal changes. This promotes hair growth and reverses hair loss.

One of the bloggers volunteered to test the procedure and though he said in all smiles that it’s painless, he did felt the needle and the numbing sensation from the injections.

If you look close enough, you can see one of his stem cell that was taken from the back of his head using a needle-gun like tool that extracts the stem cell painlessly. They took a few more after this before sending it to be processed.

Premier Clinic Stem Cell Hair Loss Treatment-kyelinspot.com

Before they inject the renewed stem cell, they numb the targeted area.

Premier Clinic Stem Cell Hair Loss Treatment-kyelinspot.com

Here the processed stem cell is injected into the balding area then after cleaning the wounds, the treatment is done! May your hair grow back to its crowning glory in 1 month!

Premier Clinic Stem Cell Hair Loss Treatment-kyelinspot.com

You won’t have to worry about any side effects since the stem cells are taken from your own body. So now you have another solution to solve your balding problems!

Call Premier Clinic at +60-12-662 5552 or email contactus@premier-clinic.com to get a free consultation. For more information, visit Premier-clinic.com or Premier Clinic’s Facebook.

Get Wunderful lips and some ‘fried chicken’ from Wunderbath

I’m game for anything that is handmade with natural ingredients so when I stumbled onto Wunderbath‘s booth during the Popmarket Rainbowland by Pop Culture Live, it got me curious. Also because I am a sucker for stuff like this! The founder of Wunderbath, Evelyn was really nice as she shared about her whimsically realistic soaps, lip balms and body souffles. Plus her products are really cute and smelled really good! If I didn’t control myself, I would have bought more than the 2 products that I got for myself.wunderbath wunderlippie

This Wunderlippie is only RM18.90 and it comes with and eco-pouch and a product description card inside so you know what ingredients is used to create the lip balm.wunderbath review
My naked lips that’s a little chapped.
wunderbath review
So I need a little help from the Wunderlippie in Rogue which is a burgundy red stained lip balm. Which I can wear on its own or under any lipstick or lip gloss.
wunderbath review
I love how it has a good colour payoff and you can even see the colour as you swatch it on your hands. There’s a slight cooling sensation also since it is mint flavoured. Don’t know it looks more pink in the picture but I guess it differs with each person since all of us have different natural lip colour.
wunderbath review
All in all, I love this lip balm! I used it throughout pageant week to test it out and it really made my lips more moisturized so it made lipstick application a breeze. Now I regret that I didn’t get it in all the colours when they had a promo.
wunderbath review
It’s totally normal to wash your hands with a drumstick. Totally! Ok I kid, it’s a lovely soap that thankfully doesn’t smell like fried chicken. Said to be scented with Citrus Splash but somehow it reminds me of a scent from The Body Shop, really smells like the store. After showering with it, I like that it lathers well, it doesn’t leave a super squeaky clean feeling and my skin feels soft after. It was a little difficult to hold it so maybe I have to get a soap pouch from Daiso or something.
wunderbath review
Due to it’s realistic aesthetic, I managed to prank my dad where he nearly ate one. Luckily I stopped him on time. I think it’s a good bargain because you get 1 pair of wings and 1 pair of drumsticks for only RM16.90 and 1 of it could last you for more than 2 weeks.

Now I can’t wait to finish my soaps so that I can try out other cute ones like this Egg and Toast soap!

wunderbath soap