So how was Foster The People?



Samantha,me and Emily after the AWESOME concert!

I’m so surprised that they really sound much better than their CD live and their voices are not auto-tuned at all.If I knew they were that awesome,I would have bought the ticket closest to the stage!I went with my best friends since high school and I drove there and boy,we should have took the train cause the traffic was so bad and everyone was starving and we didn’t have time to even eat.

The good thing about driving there was that we had a heart to heart conversation and updates and occasionally singing to some random song on the radio,it’s moments like these that are worth the leg crams from stepping on the brakes all the way to KLCC.

I got their album on the spot before the concert and I got free badges so I gave one to Emily.Samantha immediately got their album after the concert cause she has been hooked by them.:)

Hopefully they will come back again and if they do I will get the most expensive ticket so that I will be closer to the stage and I can oogle at Cubbie and the 2 Mark’s and also cause THEY ARE WORTH IT!XD.

Foster the People in 19 hours!

Yup,I’m gonna see Foster the People in 19 hours from now in the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre!I CAN’T WAIT!!!XD.I got my ticket(the cheapest one,but I AM HAPPY CAUSE I GET TO SEE THEM IN THE FLESH EVEN THOUGH IT WILL BE FAR AWAY!:)) from a person who used to be my friend as a birthday gift.Thank you so much to that person!

I just found out that their concert tickets are sold out too!I hope this convinces them to come back to our little country that most parts of the world don’t even know we exist.Now I shall sleep and dream about the concert tonight!Next morning,I have to think about what to wear to the concert.

Resolutions for 2012

A quick look on the resolutions that I made in 2011 and how many that I managed to achieve.

2011 Resolutions!

-To be able to drive on my own!¬† Yup,I can finally drive on my own and not freak out as much when there’s a roundabout or psycho drivers. All it took was driving practice on my own around my housing area and some really nice and patient friends who taught me to chillax while driving,much better than sitting in the car with my dad screaming at my side.

-Be more optimistic! I guess the trip to Turkey last year really helped!:)
-Smile and laugh more!
-Make macaroons!
Made it but it was so bad that I threw almost everything away and I almost had a nervous breakdown over it.Not gonna do it again.Now I just buy it from bakeries,less stressful and work that way.
-Get a new lomo camera!
-Use Blakhol more often!
-Get a branded lolita item!
-Get better results in Semester 2! I got a D for Global Societies!It’s my first D too so I am really happy about it!XD.I think my paper on Sweden gave me the marks.

-Make new friends and keep old friends! I did make so many new friends and I still keep contact with my old friends!:)
-Procrastinate less! Well,I didn’t feel as stressed as last year and I actually made an effort to start early so it’s a good thing,right?

That’s the conclusion of 2011’s resolution!Next is my 2012 resolutions!

2012 Resolutions

  • ¬†Travel to another country and meet new people there.
  • Sponsor a child through Unicef.
  • Find that special person.(This is due to peer pressure from the family,they just want to get me hitched so that my dad doesn’t have to feed another person anymore.-_-lll)
  • Get an internship.
  • Give more and appreciate what I have.
  • Be more fashionable.
  • Get better grades.
  • Practice more capoeira.
  • Maintain relationships with family and friends.
  • Go to a big concert like MTV World Stage.(Cause I missed the one last year,hence I missed my chance to see Jared Leto in the flesh.T_T)
  • Sleep early to get rid of my dark circles.
  • Blog more.
  • Meet any of my favourite celebrities.(Please let it be Alexander Skarsgard,Chris Evans,Chris Hemsworth,Michael Fassbender,Jared Leto,and etc.)

So these are my current resolutions and I’ll let the universe handle the situation cause I am just gonna enjoy the moment and if it happens then it would be awesome!XD.

I’m not really serious about my resolutions but I like the sense of achievement I get when I saw what I managed to achieve and I wasn’t even thinking about it at all after blogging about it.

Just enjoy the moment and live your life to the fullest,don’t focus too much on achieving your resolutions cause you’ll be disappointed if you don’t achieve any of your resolutions and when you’re disappointed,you tend to think more negative stuff.

So as Rihanna sings or whines(as much as I hate her),LIVE YOUR LIFE!


It’s 2012 already and the world did not end like the movie ‘2012’ so YAY for that! My old blog is not gonna be deleted and you can read my really old posts from when I was an emo teenager till last year so click here to be redirected to there.

I made my own blog header using Photoshop(I am actually glad that they actually teach us how to use Photoshop in my course.) and I added a little dragon there to represent my surname and roots. I wanna give credit to the person who created the free font called Jellyka Delicious Cake and to the person who created the dragon font called HFF Chinese Dragon too cause I would never have the skill, creativity and generosity to even make the font and share it for free. I got them from ,where you can download free fonts, there’s lotsa nice fonts there.

I hope this blog will be memorable as time passes by.:)

My next post will be my so-called Resolutions for this year so wait for it!XD