International Women’s Day with Under Armour and Biotherm Malaysia

International Women’s Day with Under Armour and Biotherm Malaysia

Well since El Nino is not leaving us yet, it’s time to bring our workout indoors. Which was what Under Armour Malaysia did as we celebrate International Women’s Day a few weeks back. Biotherm Malaysia was also part of the celebration too since we women love our skincare!

under armour international women's day biotherm
Biotherm’s latest Life Plankton range which Candice Swanepoel starred for the campaign.

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Cause we are Under Armour’s Women of Will!

My October ended in a really inspiring note (Yes it’s almost the end of November and I am only talking about October now.) after I attended the Women of Will campaign launch by Under Armour that was held at the Rooftop, Avenue K. This campaign was held in conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness month to celebrate the Pink Ribbon cause. Since I have never participated in any of the events held during Breast Cancer Awareness month for all these years, I though why not do something this year to show support to breast cancer survivors and patients?

So there I was at the rooftop on a Sunday in my Under Armour Hero shirt anticipating to hear the stories from the breast cancer survivors and the yoga session that will be taught by Atilia Haron who’s reminds me of a fairy but a yogi fairy!Sunglasses are the best because it hides your tired eyes but you’ll see my tired face in another photo.women of will under armour malaysiaIt’s a beautiful day for some outdoor yoga!

women of will under armour malaysia
I’m the odd one out sitting among the Influencers. It pays to be early I guess hahaha!
women of will under armour malaysia
Some of Under Armour ambassadors were giving a few words on what they think about the campaign. This event is also hosted by Hansen Lee who is one of the ambassadors as well and he is really fit like with veins popping out and a yogi too!
women of will under armour malaysia
Amnah Salleh was one of the breast cancer survivors who shared her story on how she found out that  she had it.
women of will under armour malaysia
Quek Chu San was the other breast cancer survivor who shared her story. She lived an active healthy lifestyle and yet she was diagnosed with cancer twice, one was breast cancer and the other cancer was found at another part of her body.
After listening to their stories, what kept them strong and optimistic during those hard times until today was the support that they had from their loved ones and their will to fight through it. Such strong women and I hope that one day I will learn to pull through those hard times and come out with a brighter drive!
Puan Nori Abdullah who is the wife of Malaysia’s current Youth and Sports Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin was there to share her thoughts and launch the campaign together with the rest of the ambassadors by releasing Under Armour balloons up to the sky!
After the launch, Atilia began her yoga session, it was a gentle routine that was easy to follow for me because I have not been yoga-ing ever since I started working. Need to get back into the groove! I couldn’t do the headstand and crow pose though. But it was nice to see others who were able to do it. 🙂
women of will under armour malaysia
Baby hair problems at the back there. But at least I know I am doing the pose correctly. I’m wearing  Ash Be Nimble’s Hooked on a Feeling Support Singlet (RM90) underneath my Under Armour Hero tee from the Power of Pink range with some leggings from Cotton On’s fitness line.
Finally got to meet Lena after a really long time too! She was looking good in Under Armour from head to toe! #outfitgoals like the ambassadors too.

With the Women of Will campaign, Under Armour has pledged to donate 10% of all proceeds from its Power in Pink range for the entire month of October to its charity partner, the Breast Cancer Welfare Association (BCWA). Under Armour has also set up donation boxes at all Brand Houses too so you can still donate even you’re not buying from that range. The Power in Pink range is so pretty, I wanted it all such as the clothes and accessories but my purse was yelling NO the whole time. But hopefully the range is still available in stores now because pay day has come!

The Under Armour Brand Houses are located at:

Sunway Pyramid
LG1.19, Lower Ground Floor, Sunway Pyramid
Bandar Sunway, No. 3 Jalan PJS11/15,
46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: +603-5611 3788
Business Hours:
10.00am – 10.00pm

Mid Valley 
G-012, Ground Floor
Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2201 1399
Business Hours:
10.00am – 10.00pm

Lot 5.02.00 & 5.03.00, Level 5,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2110 1288
Business Hours:
10.00am – 10.00pm

Suria KLCC 
Lot 335, Level 3, Suria KLCC
50088 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2181 6737
Business Hours:
10.00am – 10.00pm

No GST for Under Armour!

Are you for real?


Yes! Fellow athletes, fitness enthusiasts and loyal customers of Under Armour you may breathe a sigh of relief!


Under Armour Malaysia

Under Armour, one of the world’s leading sports brands and the second largest in the United States, has promised to absorb the 6% GST on all items sold in Malaysia. Customers will therefore enjoy the same prices on their purchases of Under Armour products, so you won’t be affected the new consumption tax.

“More and more Malaysians have cultivated a passion and love for sports and fitness, and we want to encourage this positive trend. By absorbing the 6% GST on all our items sold in Malaysia, we want to give athletes and fitness enthusiasts a reason to continue excelling in sports. We want to encourage active sports customers to seek the right products that will assist them to perform their best, to will them to become better and stronger athletes,” commented Michael Binger, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Triple Private Limited (Triple). Triple is Under Armour’s exclusive distributor in the South East Asian region.

With a penchant for innovation and performance, the brand has developed cutting-edge technology in sporting apparel, including its signature Compression Technology, driven by a vision to empower athletes everywhere to improve their performance.

Known for its bold, unconventional and attention-grabbing campaigns, sports label Under Armour is worn and loved by athletes around the world. Some of the brand’s ambassadors include personalities such as swimmer Michael Phelps, ballerina Misty Copeland and NBA player Stephen Curry.

Under Armour’s first Malaysian store opened recently at the iconic Suria KLCC, with several more in the pipelines, namely Pavilion, which is the second outlet that will be open in Malaysia on 6th April, Mid Valley (mid 2015), and Sunway Pyramid (late 2015). Under Armour is also available in sport specialty retailers as well as at selected gyms and studios.

So yes, you may continue to shop in peace in their stores! 🙂

I miss Capoeira

I really do miss it! It’s been so long since the classes has stopped in my university because Malcolm, my friend and our teacher has flew back to his hometown in Sarawak. It is also because there’s not enough active members to keep the club active and I think I’m the only one who goes for the classes often since Nigel already started working so he can’t come too. A few people would only come for 1 or 2 classes then they just don’t want to come anymore which is pretty sad. I almost wanted to stop too because I was scolding myself for not being able to do a move, I was stressed from assignments and some of my friends didn’t like it that I put more priority in capoeira than my assignments.

There’s a small part of me that tells me that, why do you care about what other people think and aren’t you the one who wanted to learn a new skill to prove to everyone that you can actually do something and work out at the same time? All these years ever since I was young, my family and friends always say that I can’t do anything, I can’t do sports and I can’t dance and I am not good enough like my little sisters who can run just like my mum. These are the things that destroyed my self-esteem and many of you ask why I look so depressed all the time when I was younger. Ever since that trip to Turkey last year, I gained and learned so much and it has made me a stronger person. So many people had doubts of my trip to Turkey but I proved them wrong! I can do things and I am becoming a better person if I learn to love myself more and ignore what everyone else think of me. Also because I read the book called ‘The Secret’ and ‘The Power’ where the main points of the books are always saying think positive and positive things will come to you and give love and love will come back to you. Just like karma.

I love capoeira ever since I started learning it. The music, culture and how everyone treats each other as a family. I even got my first corda from Bantus Capoeira Academy last year on my birthday and that was one of the highlights of my life!

It was held in Lot 10 at the entrance near Isetan. Actually even if you can’t find the place, just follow the music and you will be able to find it. 🙂

I was watching the people with more experience play with each other. My hair was so long that time, it was almost reaching my butt. Somehow, the pants are really loose and long so what you’re going to see next is how rusty I was after not practicing capoeira for so long last year.


My graduation ceremony where one of the instructors will play with me and obviously take me down and since it was my first belt, it was to welcome me into the Bantus family. They called my name first too when I was praying in my head to not be the first one so I was so nervous and I didn’t have time to do my warm-ups too.

Professor Rafael made me play with the other students who graduated and I was the first person again. Too bad I had to leave early after I got my cord/belt because my family wants to go shopping but that day I received one of the best birthday present that I have ever had. 🙂