Beautify your nails with CRNailz!

Beautify your nails with CRNailz!

Do you feel happy whenever you look at your perfectly manicured fingers and toes? I do. Somehow it gives me a little tinge of confidence too because I feel more groomed.

But getting to a nail salon is quite a feat because you have to worry about the traffic, parking and leaving the salon without chipping your pretty nail polish. So CRNailz came to the rescue as I don’t have to leave the comfort of my home so less stress and my manicured nails are less likely to chip too.

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Wunderbath Time!

Wunderbath Time!

I finally have time to bring life to this inactive blog and you have no idea how happy I am for this!

If you haven’t heard about Wunderbath then it’s time to make your way to their first physical store located in Da:Men USJ. Though the traffic there is a pain but it’s worth the journey!

They officially launched their store back in 28 January this year and I was one of the lucky ones to have the first look of the store.

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Be Part Of The nice Crowd!

Always wanted an app that lets you pile on the cute stickers while tagging the pictures with any kind of tags that you want? Here comes nice to the rescue!


What is nice?
It’s a super popular photo-sharing social app with more than 30 million (30,000 000) users from China alone in 1.5 years. Now the amount of users from Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan are growing fast too. With more than 350 million (350,000 000) photos shared on this app, I’m sure you don’t want to miss out on the fun!

How does it work?

I used more than 3 stickers to create this ‘galaxy’. What do you think?

Click on the circle button in the middle to upload your picture (it has to be in square format) then tag away, add as many stickers as you want and share it to the world! Back in August, there were Merdeka inspired stickers for you to add to your photos to show your Malaysian spirit.

nasi lemak nice
KyeLinSpot nice

Recently, nice collaborated with the Minions movie and created some cute minion stickers for you to add to your heart’s content too! Sometimes, nice collaborates with famous brands such as Adidas and Uniqlo to come up with special stickers and have mini contest for you to win some special nice goodies! Now who doesn’t love prizes? 😉

minions nice

What makes it different from other photo-sharing apps is its ability to tag anything on your picture. So you can tag locations, people and up to 5 unique tags such as chocolate, merdeka and etc.

Another unique feature is the Slide feature, where you will get to see pictures from anyone who has similar interests/tags and location with you.  From there you can choose to slide right/press the thumbs up button to like the picture or left/ press the thumbs down button to skip to another picture and leave a comment on the picture by clicking on the ‘Hi!’ Button.


You can even have a private chat with fellow nice users so that you can get to know each other more and keep in contact!

KyeLinSpot nice

So what are you waiting for? Join me on nice! Add me at KyeLinSpot and let’s have a great time sharing our pretty pictures there! 😀

Download nice on your Apple Store and Google Play now and start posting!

One Book That’s Worthy Cause You Get To Save Some Cash!

Have any of you stumbled on the Worthy Book (RM29.90 for 180 vouchers, that’s a pretty good deal!) in bookstores and magazine stands recently? Well I picked up the Food Edition 2 weeks back and ever since then, I have visited 3 different restaurants which has been featured on this voucher booklet. Apparently the vouchers lasted from last year till end of August 2015. So I’m a little late on the Worthy Book bandwagon but hey, at least I still got to enjoy 3 deals featured in the booklet. 🙂

worthy book brotzeit
I had cravings for some German food so I made my way to Brotzeit since I saw they had some vouchers for me to use there. I used the 25% Off On Any Sausage Platter voucher and got the their signature pork sausage platter that came with a generous amount of mashed potatoes and sauerkraut.
But I wished they were more generous about the amount of sausages or make it fatter since you’re serving about 5 pieces only per platter. It was about RM45 before the 25% discount. Nevertheless, the mashed potato and sauerkraut tasted great with the sausages, nothing is more German than having your sausages with sauerkraut. Just pass the voucher as you are making your order so that the waiter will include the platter in the order. Remember to hand it to them as you ask for your bill for them to include the discount.


worthy book sushi tei
A few days after I popped my Worthy Book’s voucher cherry, I headed to Sushi Tei to get my Salmon Sashimi fix since I could redeem 1- FREE Salmon Sashimi with orders above RM30. Actually it was 5 thick pieces of Salmon Sashimi but the beau stole 1 piece before I took a picture of it but hey, it does look similar to it’s photo on the voucher. It was yummy so I’m happy I got my fix.
Show the voucher when you’re making orders and pass it to them when you call for your bill. They charged me for the sashimi because they forgotten about the voucher that I have shown them so check your receipt before paying.


worthy book my burger lab
Last week, the beau and I made our way to My Burger Lab, OUG so that we can try out some new burgers from them. This 50% OFF on Second Burger voucher was a really helpful since we ordered 1 Yellow Submarine set and 1 Bulbasaur a la carte burger to that got discounted by 50%. Pass the voucher to them as you make your order. The T&C for the voucher did not state we can only use 1 voucher per receipt so we had to ask if we are allowed to use more than 1 voucher.


my burger lab yellow submarine
The Yellow Submarine set. It’s one of the Secret Menu burgers so we had to try it! It has fried chicken, fried egg, mustard and other ingredients that I can’t recall but you can always ask the friendly workers there on what’s available and inside of the burgers. This was delish as the chicken was crispy, juicy on the inside and the egg yolk was oozing out as you bite into it.


my burger lab bulbasaur
The Bulbasaur has fried chicken, fried egg, green salsa and a seaweed sauce. I like how the seaweed adds some saltiness while the salsa gives it some tangy taste to balance it out!

I do wish that we’re allowed to use a max of 2 vouchers per transaction so it’ll be more worth it since some vouchers are free add-ons and some are discounts. Hopefully in the oncoming Worthy Books there’ll be more of the hottest dining spots and we can use more than 1 voucher per visit.

Where did I get my Worthy Book?
The FnB Edition and the Shopping Edition is available at all major bookstores (MPH, Popular, Times, Borders, Kinokuniya) and selected and 7-11 outlets in KL and Selangor.


Interning in a magazine

Well, just yesterday the results for my final semester was out and I managed to get a Distinction for International Media Communications, which is a shocker cause I thought I was just passing that subject. I was happy to see everyone’s Facebook status cheering that they passed their degree! I’m relieved that I didn’t fail a subject in my degree that’s for sure and proud that I managed to get a few Distinctions!

Since 1st July, I have been interning in a magazine as part of my working experience which is needed for my final semester. I won’t mention it here in case I could get in trouble for it but it is not as glamorous as everyone assumed. Well, I’m not getting paid for it, that’s one but I am interested in the magazine industry and this magazine was one of my favourites so I guess my interests is more than the pay. I got an offer with another company before this one and they pay interns but the thought of travelling into Kuala Lumpur everyday through the jam, just puts me off. It’s times like these I wish the MRT has completed its construction.

Anyway, my first day was boring but I met 2 more interns so I was glad that I’m not alone. I was staring at the computer screen doing nothing cause I was worried that if I log on to any social media sites, I will be yelled at. But if others could go into theirs so I did it too like a boss. The weird thing is no one briefed us about the rules or the lunchtime or the attire. Basically, you’re on your own. After lunchtime, we finally got work to do. All I had to do was research the Fall/Winter 2013 collection and pick some designs from a number of designers and pass those pictures to the Fashion Stylist. After that, I had to cut paper. Well, at least they didn’t make me go out to get them coffee or something. Then, I had to drive all the way to Bangsar to return some clothes to a boutique.

Most important thing to remember is, never ever tell them you have a car. You’ll be driving all over just to take loans and return loans. Thankfully, you can claim for your petrol and toll. The good thing is you can leave the office early to do your loans and won’t freeze to death under the air condition which I am experiencing now since then.

So what do I do as an intern?
-Cut papers and do some archiving when it’s close to the deadline.
-Drive everywhere for loans.
-Research and write about beauty products.
-Interview people and get them to try out some beauty products. (Met a reader for the hair section of the magazine on Wednesday for a hair makeover.)
-Help with photoshoots.
-Call places and people. (Just last Tuesday, I was calling cafes and restaurants for the entire day.)
-To be continued…

I never appreciated Fridays until I started interning. I hope this can give you a little insight on what to expect if you ever enter into the magazine company for your internship. 🙂