First Bag of Love!

Got time to squeeze in a blogpost before I start on work! I was assigned to write a 2-page advertorial on one of Origins new product! If only I was given the product to test it out. 🙁

Last month, I wanted to get a new make-up bag and I heard from Samantha that there’s Bag of Love, where every month they give you a make-up bag with some products inside for you to try out! I checked the reviews for the previous bags online and I was curious so I ordered my first bag and it turned to be the June bag!

So cute! Love the colour because it’s bright blue so it fits the summer theme perfectly and the size is decent as well! I can definitely fit a lot of my make-up products inside!


Another prove that it can fits loads of stuff is because the full-size bottle of the Vaseline Healthy White SPF 24 Triple Lightening Lotion (Long name!) can fit inside nicely! It also came with Clairol Professional Color Radiance Shampoo and Color Radiance Intensive Mask. I have never heard of Clairol before but after trying out the products, I think it’s pretty good! 😀
– Vaseline Healthy White SPF 24 Triple Lightening Lotion= I like it that it drys quickly and it has SPF so I put it on before going out under the Sun. It has a subtle floral smell too. Whether I got fairer or not, that’s not sure yet.
– Clairol Professional Color Radiance Shampoo and Color Radiance Intensive Mask= Both of it smells good and using both together made my hair softer and more moisturized! This bag came just in time too because I got my hair coloured not long ago so it needs the moisture.


There was a sample of Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea Honeysuckle EDT, samples of Cremorlab skincare and a Definite Foundation Brush! I haven’t tried out the Cremorlab skincare and the foundation brush yet. A bit scared to try out the skincare because of my sensitive skin.
Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea Honeysuckle EDT= I LOVE THIS! It smelled refreshing and sweet! I let my friend tried it out and she bought the full-size bottle immediately! The only downside is that it doesn’t last the whole day cause the scent is light.


Some vouchers and pamphlets that came with the bag. I think I’ll pass them to my friends. 🙂

Will I be subscribing again? YES! Because they give cute make-up bags every month that contains make-up brushes, sample perfumes and other beauty products! 🙂

Check out their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

First Mivva Box of 2013!

Ok so I gotta onto the beauty box bandwagon thanks to Samantha, who got herself the February Mivva Box and it had really good stuff! Very delayed post since it’s July already but I’m going to review it anyway.

Was pretty excited when my package arrived!




But once I opened it, I was aww,man! Totally forgotten that it was Mother’s Day so all the products they sent are for mature skin. I passed the box to my mum and said Happy Mother’s Day and she was like What??? She didn’t want anything from the box. -_-lll


Danahan RGII Premium EX Deep Wrinkle Line Cream. Which I might try one day when I feel like it. Not that I have any obvious wrinkles but maybe it might lift my face a bit, who knows.


Garden of Eden Jojo E Serum, O’slee Rosehip Cleansing Powder and Nature’s Lab Antioxidant Scrub.


Claire’s Organics Handmade Soap.


Gave this to my mum cause it’s some Detoxing treatment.


I tried the sleeping mask and it gave me glowing skin the next day but I noticed some spots appeared on  my cheeks too so I stopped using it. The pains of having sensitive skin. I don’t even know what it is sensitive to.



Description of the products which is a good thing cause some of the samples did not put directions on how to use the products.




Some pamphlets and vouchers from the brands featured in the box.


A Mother’s Day card!


In a way, I assumed that they will check my beauty profile on the website and send me products based on that profile so I was disappointed. I thought they would at least consider it since my age is clearly stated there and I did not request it to be a gift box. Lesson learn, do not buy boxes which falls on special occasions like Mother’s Day unless you are planning to get one for your mum.

2013 Post CNY Hair Colour

I am so grateful to have met Melvin who did my hair during the Matrix hair show that I did last year because now I can probably call him my go-to hairstylist(Well, depends on his schedule.). Another plus point is he doesn’t charge me a cent. I’m like ‘How is this even possible?!’. He told me he can’t charge me or he’ll get sued by the company because he’s using us to test colour outcomes of the hair dyes from Matrix. So I baked him some puff pastry to repay him for giving me free hair treatments, hair colourings, hair cuts and hair products! XD. It’s also because I was too lazy to make red velvet cupcakes, though it is my specialty but it’s a lot of work.

Some Pain Au Chocolate that actually looks like decent puff pastries. I put some Dove Dark Chocolate pieces inside each. It was my first time working with puff pastry(Bought pre-made ones from Giant.) so I was experimenting a lot so I made a lot of different shapes and I even made some cinnamon sugar ones which didn’t go well cause the sugar burned as it was baking. I even tried making croissants and the first batch of that does not look like a croissant but I got better at it as I made more. 🙂

This is my hair before. Roots growing out and the highlights have faded and the colours too until it became this awful brown. What’s even worst is having your mum nag you every single time she notices your hair.

Guess that was the tipping point for me. I immediately made an appointment with him.

He saw my hair last year when I brought Vivien to get her hair coloured and cut for free by him also and he told me that I can’t get any guys with that hair. I was tres offended and le heart shattered even when I was already with my beau that time. She’s going  back to him to touch-up on her roots once she gets back from Sarawak too and he’s still doing it for free. We need to treat him to dinner someday.

Meet my handsome and tall hairstylist, Melvin! He curled my hair but obviously the curls disappeared after a few hours. -_-lll

Had dinner at Secrets of Louisiana at night and my hair was super red like Hayley Williams red hair.

Now it has faded into this brown colour. 🙂

Initially I was suppose to re-bond my hair because mum was nagging even after I coloured my hair because I still have frizzy hair because my hair grew and I was not born with Asian straight hair like other girls. I have wavy hair.What’s a girl to do?

So now I’m in a dilemma on whether to rebond my hair or if I should go to touch up my roots. I really want to try out the new range of purple dyes that he told me that would be out around June.

Random photoshoot

Last month my friends and I did a mini photoshoot to take pictures for my friend’s make-up portfolio and at the same time I could use the pictures to submit for a competition. 🙂 So I packed almost half of my closet there cause I don’t know what to wear and I brought a bunch of accessories too. My friends said I looked like I was running from home and actually I could with that much clothes,hahaha! So Amanda, Emily and I went to Amanda’s friend, Carlyn’s house to get the make up done.

The before picture.

Make-up in the process.


Changed and it’s time to do the hair and Carlyn had to rush because she’s meeting her cousin so she had to speed curl it.


Speed curl or not, it looks really good! It must be her magic curler, I should get that curler. Haha!

Found a good spot for taking pictures! 🙂

After that Amanda,Emily and I went to Tropicana City Mall to get lunch cause we were starving and we can’t function without food in our system. We had lunch at this small bakery/cafe place called Pastry Culture’ because they were having a lunch promotion where you get pasta with a bottle of mineral water and a dessert of the day for only RM9.90 if I’m not mistaken and we think it’s an awesome deal. We get to choose the toppings and the sauce for our pasta too! The pasta was really good because it was cooked individually instead of all together so the taste is consistent, the downside was it took a while to get to us and they gave us a really good Blackforest cake as a dessert. If I ever go back there again I promise to take lotsa pictures of it and write a review. 🙂

So after we recharged, we went to a spot which I remembered has a pretty nice backdrop for taking pictures and I changed into the super high heels that Carlyn borrowed me, I still wonder how you girls walk in these kind of shoes cause I almost tripped a few times.






Emily was the photographer that day and she was really patient cause I am not exactly an expert in posing. Look at Amanda and Emily taking the infamous toilet mirror shot while I was changing to another outfit.

Went back to the same spot again to take pictures.




Damn those shoes made my legs look so long. The good side of wearing sky high heels.

I should invest in one cause it can act as a weapon too,one throw and if I have good aim,it can actually hurt someone. Ladies get a pair of sky high heels instead of pepper spray.

Nature Republic Liquid Eyeliner

So I am on a hunt to find the best eyeliner that are less then RM50 and which comes from those Korean Beauty Stores like Nature Republic, The Face Shop, and many more. I couldn’t find much reviews of products from those shops online so I thought maybe I should start one. So I did some testing on my hands and this one passed so I got it. Tried the pencil and it was not concentrated or smooth so it’s out.

Goo Hara from Kara.

What made me buy this eyeliner from Nature Republic was because Kara was one of the ambassadors for this brand (Goo Hara was wearing this eyeliner and she looked so glam and I was hoping that it would be good.) and I was running out of liquid eyeliner. They had a 10% discount too and I tested it by rubbing it and by washing my hands so I can conclude that it’s does come off easily when you rub it but it is Waterproof after it’s dried like it claimed to be. It’s RM36 something after the discount.



It’s not a felt tip but a brush and it glides on really smoothly.



Notice the difference on my lips? It’s because in the before picture, I was not wearing the Revlon Lip Butter. In this picture, I was wearing it and the color is Peach Parfait, the one Emma Roberts was wearing in the advertisement. 🙂


Still have not master the art of applying liquid eyeliner, it took me more than 10 minutes and I had to use an eye make-up remover to make the lines neater. It sort of irritated my eyes too when I tried lining the inner corners of my eyes.

Price- 4/10, kind of pricey in my opinion.
Packaging- 6/10, I find it very easy to hold the brush with the handle.
Quality- 7/10, It’s really pigmented black with no glitter and if I compare it to the Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner in Blackest Black, this one wins hands down!
Removal- 8/10, If you ran out of eye make-up remover, you could always rub it off or wash it off with warm water.
Staying Power- 8/10, I wore it since 9a.m until 8p.m and it stayed on really well, just that they were a few dropouts throughout the day. Could be from my mascara though?
Will I buy it again- No.

One day, I shall try Hara’s look! Line my eyes with loads of eyeliner and add some falsies too. It’s going to be a busy semester as usual so hopefully I plan my time more wisely so that my blog won’t be neglected. Ok time for bed for me! Night!