(Advertorial) Get brighter and smoother skin with KOSÉ Sekkisei Lotion!

I always heard of KOSÉ’s beauty products especially their Sekkisei line and how it’s really good for Asian skin but I never got the chance to try any of their products. Another reason was I’m afraid that I’ll get an allergic reaction from it, because having sensitive skin is such a bother. However, recently I received some samples of KOSÉ Sekkisei Lotion Maskso I gave it a go! I am giving away 24 of these samples to you guys so 24 of you have a chance to try out this legendary lotion at the end of this post! Maybe you’ll look like Ariel Lin after using this mask?


One thing’s for sure, I didn’t know that KOSÉ and this lotion was in the market since 1946! So I can see why it’s one of the best-selling whitening lotions until now. Legendary and a must try for us all. At first I didn’t know whether it is used as a toner or a moisturizer because I never used a product where it can be used as a toner and a mask as well. Whatever it is, if it works for Ariel Lin, it better work for me!
What makes this lotion legendary? These three main ingredients are the winning combination of this whitening lotion!



Coix Seed Extract helps to increase your skin’s metabolism, it helps in whitening, moisturizing, and preventing your skin from roughness.

Angelica Extract from the Umbellifer Angelica plant which grows in rocky mountain areas is said to help your skin by disinfecting, whitening, and moisturizing it.

Melothria (White Lotus) Root extract helps to suppress melanin production of our skin and provides whitening effects as well.

All three of those ingredients have one thing in common, all of it has whitening properties!

Product Information:
Get deep translucency with the power of oriental plant extracts, even for dull skin. A lotion that creates fine-textured, hydrated “snow-white” skin.
  1. Made based on a “beautiful translucent skin recipe” with items carefully selected out of approximately 100 types of oriental plants. A lotion that creates fine-textured, hydrated, translucent skin like snow, using the hydrating power of gentle oriental plant extracts (Those three main ingredients above!).
  2. Balances out the skin’s moisture levels, preventing dullness, roughness, and pimples caused by dryness, as well as redness caused by sunburn from sunlight, or by the sun’s reflection in snowy areas. Well, we don’t have snowy areas but the Sun here is pretty bad too!
  3. The cloudy white lotion blends instantly into the skin, just like melting snow, creating fine-textured, plump skin. With a refreshing, light sensation, the lotion leaves the surface of the skin feeling silky smooth, yet hydrated. Your skin regains its natural pure translucency down to your pores.
  4. Plus, it can be used on your face, neck, body & as a mask.


The samples I have already contains masks soaked in the Sekkisei Lotion so I just washed my face and I also used a peeling gel to scrub off all the dead skin so that I can test how moisturizing and how much fairer I can be after using the lotion. But ok seriously, I feel that if you really want to test how effective the product is then you have to make sure your face is scrubbed clean! That’s how I do it. 


Clean face! Visible pores, dry skin on cheeks and oily t-zone and dull complexion.

So I put the mask on my face and it was cool on my skin but next time I’ll store it in the refrigerator so it will be cooler. Texture wise, it was light and like water. So keep it on your face for 5-10 minutes.

I kept it for about 10 minutes and after taking it off, I just pat my skin and piano pat it upward, I don’t know how else to describe it, it’s like you’re playing the piano on your face and play it upwards instead. Then I used the excess from the mask and pat it on my neck as well.
I really like this! I didn’t have much expectation for it but my skin looked plump and it was smooth and fairer than before. I can see why it is the best whitening lotion. I’m going to try it again this week to see how much changes it can give.


Fairer, plumper and smoother skin! I feel like Ariel Lin already! 😛


KOSÉ is searching for their Sekkisei Miss Cinderella. Do you think you are the fairest of them all and are you KOSÉ Malaysia’s Sekkisei Cinderella? Cinderella’s can check out the link below to know if they are the Miss Cinderella KOSÉ is searching for. J




I am giving away 24 samples to 24 of you who answer these two questions correctly in the comment section! It’s really easy! It’s all up there! 😉 May all of us have beautiful fair skin like Ariel Lin!
– What are the 3 main ingredients used in KOSÉ Sekkisei Lotion Mask?
– Name one of the benefits of the KOSÉ Sekkisei Lotion Mask. (Any 1 out of the 9 benefits)
If you’re ready to get yourself a bottle of this awesome whitening lotion, here are the prices for the Sekkisei Lotion:
SEKKISEI Lotion 200ml- RM170
SEKKISEI Lotion 360ml –RM260
Available in every KOSE counters.
For more information about KOSÉ Malaysia and the Sekkisei Lotion check out these links:


2013 Favourites: Makeup

Hello, I’m back after a long hiatus because of my South Korea adventure which I will blog about soon and the Game of Thrones book series, which I currently am halfway through the 4th book, A Feast for Crows and the beau bought GTA V too, you get the picture. The idea for this post just came to me out of the blue while I was looking through pictures in my phone. Mostly are pictures of food because I am a foodie and the beau and I are always trying new eateries around KL and Selangor. Or in other words, fatties in the making.

However, I’m not just going to focus on food but other stuff as well like beauty products and etc. This post is about my favourite makeup products for 2013!


– Favourite and Best BB Cream: Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit, Etude House. I wear the shade W13.

= Coverage wise is great as it does its job as a BB cream. It’s easy to blend with your fingers as well and it comes in many shades so I’m sure you can find a shade that is suitable for your skin. Most importantly, it doesn’t break me out!

= I have sensitive skin so it’s very hard to find BB creams that will not make my skin break out or have any signs of irritation. This was the first BB cream I tried years ago and it’s still my favourite till today. I tried some BB creams from Skinfood, The Face Shop, Skin 79 and Elisha Coy, all of that didn’t went well for my skin. As for CC creams, I tried Etude House’s CC Cream and I found that CC Creams are not to my liking. I still prefer the slightly thicker coverage of BB Creams. I’m looking for new BB creams to try out so if you guys have any suggestions on one that is suitable for sensitive skin then let me know. 🙂

– Favourite Foundation: Chanel Pro Lumiere Professional Finish Makeup SPF 15. I wear shade number 10- Nude.
= Claimed to give semi-matte and luminous skin and it does! I use this with a foundation brush because with fingers it is a little hard to blend it on my skin. I only use this foundation when I’m heading for special occasions like wedding dinners and etc because it has thick coverage. This bottle lasted me for a few years and it’s not even halfway used.

– Favourite and Best Loose Powder: Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre, Natural Finish Loose Powder. I wear shade number 20 Clair- Translucent 1.
= I set my BB cream and foundation with this and my make-up can last for the entire day! I like how it has colour so it does amp up a bit on the coverage. I use the sponge that comes along and just pat it on my face. This was recommended by the hair stylist who did my mum’s hair because he said he has tried all the loose powders in the market and this was the best of them all so he’s right!

– Favourite Concealer/ Highlighter: Lo’real Lucent Magique Light Touch-Up Pen. I wear the Light shade.
= I usually put some of this under my eyes to brighten up my dark circles a bit, on redness and pimples to cover it a bit. It’s not the best concealer on its own because the coverage is very little but it highlights well. I’m still searching for the best concealer for dark circles and redness. Before this I was using Benefit’s Erase Paste in Medium and it’s really good but I don’t like the packaging.

– Favourite Blush: The Face Shop Face it Baked Shimmer Blusher in 02 Coral Aura.
= I love this! It’s not too shimmery and after swirling your blush brush with all those colours, it creates a very pretty peachy pink blush. I like it that you can use some of the colours as eyeshadows and highlights as well.

– Favourite Eyeliners: Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in Intense Black, Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Cuff and Heavy Rotation Gel Pencil Eyeliner in N21 Brown.

= I would call these eye liners music festival-proof because it doesn’t budge even there’s sweat or water. For the Stila eyeliner, I like the felt tip cause it is narrow enough that I can draw thin lines and the colour payoff is dark. For the Urban Decay eyeliner, I use it to line the inner corner of my eyes and smudge it cause it really helps to brighten up my eyes.

– Favourite Eyeshadows: Maybelline Colour Tattoo Eyeshadow in 25 Bad to the Bronze & Anna Sui Mousse Eye Shadow in E 01.


= I love how I can wear these 2 shades just on its own. I am still not skilled in creating that outer V on my eyelids so I just wear one shade most of the time. Plus, these two shades can last long without creasing and that’s really good cause I have oily eyelids and without primer it still lasts.

– Favourite Eyebrow Pencil: Empro Triangular Brow Pencil in E3 Golden Brown.
= Got this from my mum and it has been my go-to brow pencil ever since then. I like how easy it is to use and it comes with a comb as well.

– Favourite Mascara: ZA Perfect Action Mascara Waterproof in BK 999 and Heavy Rotation Heroine Make: Long and Curl Mascara .
= The ZA mascara lengthens and gives my lashes more volume without too much clumping. It doesn’t smudge after a whole day. I bought this cause I hated the Maybelline Rocket mascara that I had cause it smudges and it’s not waterproof. So I got lucky I found something good! I used the Heavy Rotation mascara and I love it! It lengthens my lashes really well and it’s waterproof and smudge-free too! I didn’t buy a new one so I don’t have pictures of it but here’s a picture I got from Google.

– Favourite Eyelash Curler: Brigitte Eyelash Curler in Pink.
= I admit, I got this eyelash curler because it was pink! Brigitte is a Japanese cosmetic brand which I found in the pharmacy in Jusco, Mid Valley. It had the word ‘No. 1’ on its packaging so I gave it a go and it’s a pretty good curler! I think it could be on par with Shu Eumura’s award winning eyelash curler. It’s cheaper that’s for sure and it’s pink! It even comes in another colour like mint green.

– Favourite Lip Pencil: Essence Lipliner in 10 Femme Fatale.

= This is not only cheap (RM10) but it’s very creamy and the colour is gorgeous! It was actually an impulse buy because it was so cheap and I was searching for drugstore lip liners to try out. Best buy ever! I wore it on its own and people asked what lipstick I was wearing and I wasn’t wearing any lipstick at all. Only downside is it bleeds a bit so you need to make it neater with foundation or concealer.

– Favourite Lipsticks: 3CE Lip Colour in 306 XOXO and Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter in 025 Peach Parfait.

= 3CE from Stylenanda was all the rage at one point last year so I managed to get my hands on a few stuff from them and one of it is this lipstick. It was my first red lipstick and it started my love for red lipsticks! As for the Revlon Lip Butter, I just love the colour and how it doesn’t make my lips dry. Also because Emma Stone was wearing it. I saw her wearing a fuschia lip gloss so I am so getting that next!

– Favourite Lipbalms: Maybelline Baby Lips SPF 20 Lip Balm and Baby Lips Colour in Coral Flush.
= It started with the lip balm and I was hooked! Then I tried the tinted ones and I got hooked on to that as well! These balms really moisturized my lips and it doesn’t make my lips flaky like some other lip balms. The smell is great too!

So that’s the end of my beauty favourites from 2013! Phew, that’s was a tough decision. I can’t wait to see what we’re gonna get this year in the beauty market in Malaysia. I am upset that Rimmel is no longer available in the drugstores here! I was looking forward to try Rimmel’s Kate Moss lipsticks and the Apocalips collection. Please bring Rimmel back to Malaysia!!!

I made steamed potatoes and poached egg on toast today for brunch! The poached egg was a disaster, I thought I was suppose to swirl the water and pour the egg in but the swirling made the egg whites segregate into little white lumps instead of sticking to the yolk. I’m going to try to make poached egg again tomorrow! I MUST MASTER THE ART OF POACHED EGGS!


First Bag of Love!

Got time to squeeze in a blogpost before I start on work! I was assigned to write a 2-page advertorial on one of Origins new product! If only I was given the product to test it out. 🙁

Last month, I wanted to get a new make-up bag and I heard from Samantha that there’s Bag of Love, where every month they give you a make-up bag with some products inside for you to try out! I checked the reviews for the previous bags online and I was curious so I ordered my first bag and it turned to be the June bag!

So cute! Love the colour because it’s bright blue so it fits the summer theme perfectly and the size is decent as well! I can definitely fit a lot of my make-up products inside!


Another prove that it can fits loads of stuff is because the full-size bottle of the Vaseline Healthy White SPF 24 Triple Lightening Lotion (Long name!) can fit inside nicely! It also came with Clairol Professional Color Radiance Shampoo and Color Radiance Intensive Mask. I have never heard of Clairol before but after trying out the products, I think it’s pretty good! 😀
– Vaseline Healthy White SPF 24 Triple Lightening Lotion= I like it that it drys quickly and it has SPF so I put it on before going out under the Sun. It has a subtle floral smell too. Whether I got fairer or not, that’s not sure yet.
– Clairol Professional Color Radiance Shampoo and Color Radiance Intensive Mask= Both of it smells good and using both together made my hair softer and more moisturized! This bag came just in time too because I got my hair coloured not long ago so it needs the moisture.


There was a sample of Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea Honeysuckle EDT, samples of Cremorlab skincare and a Definite Foundation Brush! I haven’t tried out the Cremorlab skincare and the foundation brush yet. A bit scared to try out the skincare because of my sensitive skin.
Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea Honeysuckle EDT= I LOVE THIS! It smelled refreshing and sweet! I let my friend tried it out and she bought the full-size bottle immediately! The only downside is that it doesn’t last the whole day cause the scent is light.


Some vouchers and pamphlets that came with the bag. I think I’ll pass them to my friends. 🙂

Will I be subscribing again? YES! Because they give cute make-up bags every month that contains make-up brushes, sample perfumes and other beauty products! 🙂

Check out their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

First Mivva Box of 2013!

Ok so I gotta onto the beauty box bandwagon thanks to Samantha, who got herself the February Mivva Box and it had really good stuff! Very delayed post since it’s July already but I’m going to review it anyway.

Was pretty excited when my package arrived!




But once I opened it, I was aww,man! Totally forgotten that it was Mother’s Day so all the products they sent are for mature skin. I passed the box to my mum and said Happy Mother’s Day and she was like What??? She didn’t want anything from the box. -_-lll


Danahan RGII Premium EX Deep Wrinkle Line Cream. Which I might try one day when I feel like it. Not that I have any obvious wrinkles but maybe it might lift my face a bit, who knows.


Garden of Eden Jojo E Serum, O’slee Rosehip Cleansing Powder and Nature’s Lab Antioxidant Scrub.


Claire’s Organics Handmade Soap.


Gave this to my mum cause it’s some Detoxing treatment.


I tried the sleeping mask and it gave me glowing skin the next day but I noticed some spots appeared on  my cheeks too so I stopped using it. The pains of having sensitive skin. I don’t even know what it is sensitive to.



Description of the products which is a good thing cause some of the samples did not put directions on how to use the products.




Some pamphlets and vouchers from the brands featured in the box.


A Mother’s Day card!


In a way, I assumed that they will check my beauty profile on the website and send me products based on that profile so I was disappointed. I thought they would at least consider it since my age is clearly stated there and I did not request it to be a gift box. Lesson learn, do not buy boxes which falls on special occasions like Mother’s Day unless you are planning to get one for your mum.

2013 Post CNY Hair Colour

I am so grateful to have met Melvin who did my hair during the Matrix hair show that I did last year because now I can probably call him my go-to hairstylist(Well, depends on his schedule.). Another plus point is he doesn’t charge me a cent. I’m like ‘How is this even possible?!’. He told me he can’t charge me or he’ll get sued by the company because he’s using us to test colour outcomes of the hair dyes from Matrix. So I baked him some puff pastry to repay him for giving me free hair treatments, hair colourings, hair cuts and hair products! XD. It’s also because I was too lazy to make red velvet cupcakes, though it is my specialty but it’s a lot of work.

Some Pain Au Chocolate that actually looks like decent puff pastries. I put some Dove Dark Chocolate pieces inside each. It was my first time working with puff pastry(Bought pre-made ones from Giant.) so I was experimenting a lot so I made a lot of different shapes and I even made some cinnamon sugar ones which didn’t go well cause the sugar burned as it was baking. I even tried making croissants and the first batch of that does not look like a croissant but I got better at it as I made more. 🙂

This is my hair before. Roots growing out and the highlights have faded and the colours too until it became this awful brown. What’s even worst is having your mum nag you every single time she notices your hair.

Guess that was the tipping point for me. I immediately made an appointment with him.

He saw my hair last year when I brought Vivien to get her hair coloured and cut for free by him also and he told me that I can’t get any guys with that hair. I was tres offended and le heart shattered even when I was already with my beau that time. She’s going  back to him to touch-up on her roots once she gets back from Sarawak too and he’s still doing it for free. We need to treat him to dinner someday.

Meet my handsome and tall hairstylist, Melvin! He curled my hair but obviously the curls disappeared after a few hours. -_-lll

Had dinner at Secrets of Louisiana at night and my hair was super red like Hayley Williams red hair.

Now it has faded into this brown colour. 🙂

Initially I was suppose to re-bond my hair because mum was nagging even after I coloured my hair because I still have frizzy hair because my hair grew and I was not born with Asian straight hair like other girls. I have wavy hair.What’s a girl to do?

So now I’m in a dilemma on whether to rebond my hair or if I should go to touch up my roots. I really want to try out the new range of purple dyes that he told me that would be out around June.