Yas to Rainbow Bagels

rainbow bagels

One of my food goals is to taste all things rainbow-inspired, like the infamous rainbow bagels in New York. But since I can’t afford to go there, I think the food gods heard my wish and has granted me, Bowery Petit‘s Rainbow Bagels. Yes, these rainbow bagels are probably full of colouring but, we got to treat ourselves to our guilty pleasures yes?

rainbow bagels

I got takeaway because we were heading somewhere else for dinner. So this was our pre-dinner meal while the beau and I battle one of KL’s daily traffic jam.

rainbow bagels

I got 2 bagels but we had one only cause we (more like me) want to save the other piece for dessert! I’m assuming the right way to eat this bagel is to spread the cream cheese in the middle and dig in.

But since we only had our fingers as cutlery, I just peeled the rainbow into bite sized pieces and dipped it into the colourful sprinkled cream cheese! I like how the cream cheese was not overly sweet even though it has sprinkles in it. It definitely balanced well with the slightly savoury bagel.

This is one of those Happy Meals for us, who’s busy adulting to enjoy once in a while. Everyone needs to taste the rainbow for a bit of colour in their lives!

So head on over to Bowery Petit to get ya fix!


48 Persiaran Zaaba, 60000 Kuala Lumpur

Opening Hours:

Mon-Sun: 8:00 am – 11:00 pm

Will definitely make another visit someday to try out their hot meals and other desserts too!

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