Papergeekco Haul I

Papergeekco haul

Stationeries are taking the world by storm again, thanks to a recent outburst of traveler’s notebooks and beautiful artworks.

And surprise surprise, I’m part of this bandwagon too! I got myself a pretty planner, pens, a pair of scissors and some washi tapes from Papergeekco during Urbanscapes 2016. Let me know in the comments below if you want to take a closer look on that.

Here’s my haul!

Papergeekco haul
I got the Mystery Grab Bag in cello packaging and some other stuff to add more to my ever-growing stash.
Papergeekco haul
In the red paper bag, I got the Perfume washi tape, monthly washi tape, and the Rainbow Cloud charm to add to my planner. Thank you so much for the extra Days washi tape, Joey!
Papergeekco haul
These are the awesome stuff I got from my Mystery Grab Bag! I AM SO HAPPY I GOT SOMETHING GUDETAMA RELATED! AND THE TOTORO MAGNET TOO OMG! I LOVE EVERYTHING I GOT! I have always wanted a vintage paper clip and I got one too! The fox pen is perfect because it has my signature facial expression, -_- . Plus, the Scandinavian and little girl page markers are so cute! The Summer inspired washi tape is really cool because it has a bit of everything in it so I can just cut the patterns that I like to decorate my planner!
Gudetama haul
Can we have a moment to admire Gudetama aka my spirit animal/egg? I got the Gudetama washi tape from the Sanrio store in Sunway Pyramid. My purse was grateful that it’s the only thing I got from the store.
Gudetama washi tape
I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! Can’t wait to flood my planner with Gudetama!

Can’t wait to decorate my planner with these! 😀

I have to add that their service was great because they were really helpful with my enquiries and the shipping was pretty fast too!

So my fellow stationery geeks, make a visit to Papergeekco to get your stationery fix!

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