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Holly Christmas Nails crnailz

Do you feel happy whenever you look at your perfectly manicured fingers and toes? I do. Somehow it gives me a little tinge of confidence too because I feel more groomed.

But getting to a nail salon is quite a feat because you have to worry about the traffic, parking and leaving the salon without chipping your pretty nail polish. So CRNailz came to the rescue as I don’t have to leave the comfort of my home so less stress and my manicured nails are less likely to chip too.

Getting my hands pampered with Smeeka products before the polishing stage. Source: CRNailz

What I like about them is that they use 3-Free, 5-Free and basically as many Free of toxic chemicals nail polishes because in the long-term these chemicals are harmful to your health. And she’s a supporter of Indie brands too so you’ll be able to try out brands such as Miss Ashleigh and Picture Polish.

Here are some links to read more about using 3 to 5-Free polishes:


Check out the pretty designs she has done for me!

Holly Christmas Nails crnailz
Here’s my first manicure done by her which was for last Christmas! It’s a Holly inspired look and she hand-painted the holly on my nails.
Egyptian nails crnailz
What makes her different is that she does nail stamping too! At one point it was a huge trend but now it has died down. So it’s nice that she is keeping this trend alive! I loved my Egyptian nails so much!!! She has a lot of stamps so you’re bound to find a pattern that you like! Source: CRNailz
Aztec Ombre Nails crnailz
Here’s my Aztec stamped nails with a dream catcher done in an ombre style!

She also opens a booth in some bazaars such as the recent Markets at Jaya One so you can get your nails done while shopping too, be sure to follow them on their social media pages for updates!

So what are you waiting for?

Get pretty nails with CRNailz today by calling/ Whatsapping +6019-6158736 or emailing at to set your date! They also cater for events too!

Don’t forget to try out the mani, pedi and bath bombs, along with the body scrubs from Smeeka too! I love to combine the Siren’s Secret bath bomb together with the Deep Sea Scrub for an ocean-inspired treat! Also can we talk about the packaging sticker, which is self-designed by the founder herself? SO PRETTY!

Smeeka Deep Sea Scrub

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